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Notice: This page is a new case study and some aspects have not been fully researched. Some sections may be incomplete or reflect inaccuracies present in initial sources. Please check the References at the bottom for further information and perform your own additional assessment. Please feel free to contribute by adding any missing information or sources you come across. If you are new here, please read General Tutorial on Wikis or Anatomy of a Case Study for help getting started.

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DiegoPapi6 is a trucker from Arizona who was tricked into downloading malicious software onto his Android smartphone, through a phishing link which was designed to look like a software upgrade being pushed by his provider, TMobile. The malware appears to have enabled the draining of his TrustWallet on his smartphone. All assets were quickly sold by the attacker. DiegoPapi6 continues to participate fully in the blockchain ecosystem, and has not pursued any sort of further legal action or investigation to have funds returned.

About DiegoPapi6

DiegoPapi6 is a Christian[1] trucker[2][3][4] from Mesa[5], Arizona[6][7][8], primarily operating in Texas[9][10]. He was 43 as of November 4th, 2021[11], and is happily married[12][13] with a son named Emillian[14] who was 19 between September 6th, 2021 and October 27th, 2021[5][14][15][16]. He has been a user of Reddit since August 11th, 2020[17], and had used Facebook as his primary social media prior to that point[18].

He is a regular and enthusiastic investor in Shiba Inu[19][20][21][22][23] since June 2021[5][16][24], ZombieInu[25][26][27][28], VeThor[29][30], Ethereum[30][31], Bitcoin[30][31], BNB[31], Cardano[30], Dogecoin[32], CoinMerge[33], and BitRise[34][31]. He previously held an investment in Wink[35][36], Luna[31], BabyShibaInu[31], iBNB[31], and Locklet[34]. He reports doing a high degree of research for every project he invests in[21][37]. According to his profile, he has been a crypto investor since 2016[17][38].

DiegoPapi6 has a long history of using MetaMask[38][39], but just recently started using TrustWallet[38].

DiegoPapi6 used an Android smartphone on the TMobile network.

About TrustWallet

TrustWallet is a wallet available as a browser extension or mobile download for IOS or Android[40]. The wallet was originally released in November 2017[41]. TrustWallet was acquired by Binance on July 31, 2018[41].

The most trusted & secure crypto wallet

Buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto. Join 25 million+ people using Trust Wallet.

Wallets within TrustWallet are typically secured by a 12 word seed phrase[42].

Just like your bank account login or email credentials, your recovery phrase needs to be kept in a secure, hidden location. You need to write it on a piece of paper (or engrave it in metal) and ensure that the order of words is followed.

The Reality

Malicious links can often be sent to smartphones via text messages, and may be able to download malware onto a phone[43][44][45][46]. On Android, malicious applications can only be installed from outside the Play Store if install permissions have been explicitly set to "allow unknown app"[45]. Once installed, applications can either trick users into providing the desired permissions or exploit vulnerabilities to gain administrator level permissions and access sensitive data[46].

There is some speculation that phishing attacks have been assisted through data that was acquired from privacy breaches on mobile carriers throughout 2018[44].

What Happened

DiegoPapi6 was tricked into installing malicious malware on his smartphone. This malware was able to gain access to his TrustWallet, which maintains the private key for his cryptocurrency. This enabled a thief to steal all of his cryptocurrency.

Key Event Timeline - DiegoPapi6 TrustWallet Theft
Date Event Description
July 28th, 2021 10:20:26 AM MDT Purchase of Locklet Token DiegoPapi6 purchases 120,497.324468532005704917 Locklet tokens for 5.705739941367457907 WBNB[47].
July 30th, 2021 4:55:17 AM MDT First Attacker Transaction The attacker performs their first transaction in their wallet, transferring in a small amount of BNB[48]. They also use Ethereum shortly thereafter[49][50].
July 30th, 2021 5:03:02 AM MDT Purchase Of BitRise Tokens DiegoPapi6 pays 14.453749256986768434 BNB for 547,378,480,000 Bitrise tokens[51]. TBD fill in.

TBD more transactions on thief's wallet[52]. TBD more transactions on DiegoPapi6's wallet[53].

July 31st, 2021 1:09:57 PM MDT BitRise Liquidation Transaction The very first unauthorized transaction is found on the blockchain, which is liquidating BitRise tokens for 5.533666193138193418 BNB[54].
July 31st, 2021 1:10:31 PM MDT LockLet Liquidation Transaction A second transaction liquidates DiegoPapi6's Locklet tokens for 3.429139695919401803 BNB[55]. DiegoPapi6 reports this is them swapping and liquidating both tokens[56].
July 31st, 2021 1:12:55 PM MDT Theft Transfer Transaction A blockchain transaction transfers 9.249016167190047758 BNB from DiegoPapi6's wallet to the attacker's wallet[57].
July 31st, 2021 2:03:53 PM MDT Wrong Subreddit Thread DiegoPapi6 originally posts about their situation in the wrong BitRise subreddit[58][31].
July 31st, 2021 2:14:42 PM MDT Original Reddit Post DiegoPapi6 posts on Reddit about their situation[59]. They include the attacker's wallet address[52][60]. TBD more review.
July 31st, 2021 4:46:55 PM MDT No Idea How They Got In DiegoPapi6 reports having no idea how they got into his wallet, and that he's "blessed financially"[61].
July 31st, 2021 7:56:45 PM MDT Reports Clicking Suspicious Link DiegoPapi6 reports that his Trust Wallet was drained "over 9 BNB" after he "clicked on a link that was supposed to show me how much BNB Bitrise had sent me". He reports when he "started asking questions they kicked [him] out/Banned from Telegram"[62][63].
July 31st, 2021 9:28:29 PM MDT Original Reddit Post Unknown event to find.
July 31st, 2021 10:03:26 PM MDT In Discussion With TrustWallet "I am waiting for TW 2nd response."[64]
July 31st, 2021 10:33:22 PM MDT Wrong Subreddit Post Deleted The post on the wrong subreddit is removed[65].
August 1st, 2021 8:55:10 AM MDT Checking TrustWallet History DiegoPapi6 reports that he was checking the history on TrustWallet, and no contract signing events could be found[66].
August 2nd, 2021 2:00:32 PM MDT Safepal Hardware Wallet DiegoPapi6 posts about security measures he's taking including switching phones and purchasing a SafePal hardware wallet[67].
August 4th, 2021 2:36:54 PM MDT TBD [68]
August 8th, 2021 3:24:32 PM MDT Attacker Moves To New Wallet The attacker moves all of their Ethereum funds from the reported wallet address to a new wallet address[69][70].
September 4th, 2021 7:40:21 AM MDT Attacker Moves To New Wallet The attacker moves all of their Ethereum funds from the new wallet address to another wallet address[70][71][72].
September 18th, 2021 11:22:00 AM MDT Attacker Moves To New Wallet The attacker moves all of their Ethereum funds from the other wallet address to yet another wallet address[72][73][74].
November 30th, 2021 9:33:02 PM MST Shiba Hacking Response DiegoPapi6 responds to another user who was hacked with support and recounting valuable lessons he's learned in the process of his own loss[75].
December 14th, 2021 2:47:32 PM MST anonymizeme Reddit Response DiegoPapi6 posts additional details on a Reddit thread by anonymizeme multiple months later[76].
February 1st, 2022 5:38:11 PM MST Attacker Splits Funds To Multiple Wallets The attacker starts to split those funds among multiple wallets further[74][77].

Technical Analysis

The on-chain transactions[57] are consistent with his entire account being emptied out, suggesting a private key breach, and there is no evidence of granting permissions to any smart contract. As DiegoPapi6 is quite confident that no one obtained his seedphrase[78][79] since it was stored in his gun safe and he was at home all day[80], it seems more likely to be breached through software. DiegoPapi6 also confirmed that no smart contract was enabled[66] except for PancakeSwap[81][82][83], that he downloaded TrustWallet from the correct source[84], and that multiple tokens were taken from his wallet[54][55][85]. There is evidence that DiegoPapi6 may have clicked a malicious link.

Potential Link In BitRise Telegram Group

Multiple comments at the time suggest a link shared in the BitRise Telegram group[86][87][79][88]. He reportedly clicked a link in the group to find out how much BNB he had received[89][90], and 5 minutes later the admin banned him from the group[91]. One possibility is that the Telegram group or administrator account had been breached, while another possibility is that the BitRise project was somehow involved in the breach.

Potential TMobile/Android Phishing Link

Private messages later received from DiegoPapi6, report an alternative story of receiving a text messages which he believed at the time was an update from TMobile for his Android smartphone.

TBD: Went back to Jun 6 and can't find this actual quote here. Can't find in notes.

I believe it was a down load via text that appeared to come from T-mobile that got me. Because all I remembered was accepting the download and then a few hours later my wallet was getting drained in real time 😱 I was able to witness 2 sells 😳

Malicious links can often be sent to smartphones via Telegram or text messages, and may be able to download malware onto a phone[43][44][45][46]. On Android, malicious applications can only be installed from outside the Play Store if install permissions have been explicitly set to "allow unknown app"[45]. Once installed, applications can either trick users into providing the desired permissions or exploit vulnerabilities to gain administrator level permissions and access sensitive data[46].

Summary Conclusion

While we don't know for sure the method by which DiegoPapi6 came across the link (and even DiegoPapi6 seems unsure[92][93]), DiegoPapi6 has admitted to clicking on suspicious links on at least 2 occasions. The BitRise Telegram group balance lookup link is heavily supported by the fact it targeted cryptocurrency users, the suspicious behaviour around being banned from the group, and the thief seeming to have an understanding of cryptocurrency. However, there is no report of any installation and the transactions do not appear to include a smart contract approval. The TMobile download is heavily supported by the report of an installation happening and the proximity to the wallet drain time. It appears likely that a provided malicious link prompted him to download and install malware on his smartphone, which was then able to harvest his TrustWallet private key and drain his wallets on the blockchain.

Total Amount Lost

DiegoPapi6 has described their losses as both "$6800"[94] and "$7700"[75][76]. He mentioned the stolen assets were sold for either 9 BNB[95] or 14 BNB[76]. It would appear based on blockchain data that 14 BNB is what he paid for the assets[51], while the thief[52] was able to sell them for 9.249 BNB[57]. He has confirmed by private message that there was only a single theft. His blockchain wallet[53] and the specific theft transactions[54] appear to be visible on the blockchain.

The closing market price of BNB on July 31st, 2021 was $333.55 USD[96]. Taking his numbers at face value, this would make the value of 14 BNB at that time $4,669.70. This would be a high degree of slippage when liquidating his assets, however that makes sense given a token with less liquidity and the potential risk if the thief chose to delay liquidation.

TBD historic price of BitRise token[63]. TBD more on his wallet?[53]

Immediate Reactions

DiegoPapi6 posted on Reddit with some high level details of what happened[59]. He had a keen interest in "find[ing] out the mystery behind the hack"[97].

"I really didn't want to post this here today but I have exhausted all avenues and can't seem to get anywhere. I have the address to where the [individual] who sold two of my Tokens for BNB and then sent them off to his or her wallet.

My question is.., Is there there anything I can do at this point? Or should I just move on, dust myself off and try again?

Anyone with knowledge or advice on what I can do please go ahead and shoot it straight. I can handle it"

One of the responses suggested that he had bought a scam coin that was able to steal his funds through a smart contract. This theory is not supported by blockchain data.

"You didn't get hacked and trust wallet is safe. You bought a scam coin that was a smart contract. You should always be careful when you sign a smart contract because it's literally a contract."

Ultimate Outcome

DiegoPapi6 has discussed his situation with another user affected by a similar loss of funds. He has also taken significant steps to improve his online security. The incident appears to have influenced his traditional anti-regulation stance and he now believes that regulation should apply to scammers.

Discussions With anonymizeme

DiegoPapi6 later posted about the situation on Reddit in response to anonymizeme's similar theft situation[76].

"Been there done that... I completely feel your pain. I had $7700 siphoned out of my old TW which would have translated to over $200,000 in today's price in $BRISE which was sold back in June for 14 BNB.

Good luck in getting your funds back. It will be near impossible but good luck."

Improved Security Measures

DiegoPapi6 reported taking the following measures to improve his security following the theft:

  • He purchased a SafePal hardware wallet to store his tokens[67].
  • He never clicks on any email/link, even from a company he does business with[75].
  • He switched from using an Android phone to an IOS-phone (which could arguably be more secure due to standard hardware)[67].
  • He set up a passcode for his TrustWallet[98].
  • He also does not connect his phone to wifi (which is of questionable significance)[75].

I know the feeling... I to, lost $7700 in BNB about 3 months ago and it happened while I was connected to my wifi at home. I never connect my phone to Wi-Fi...EVERπŸ’―. Learned a very expensive but valuable lesson. I also never click on just any email/link. Even if it says it's from paypal or any company I do business withπŸ˜…

DiegoPapi6 also no longer uses TMobile, however he reports that decision is unrelated to this situation.

Political View Impacts

It appears that the situation has affected DiegoPapi6's political views. DiegoPapi6 reports he doesn't believe in regulation but also posted that he feels that scammers in the cryptocurrency space should be regulated[99], including the ability to take back funds from scammers[100].

Way too many scammers- That definitely need to be regulated

I don't believe in regulation but in this instance... I would approve. BSCscan and Etherscan should be able to go right inside these hacker's wallet and take it back.

Financial/Lifestyle Impacts

According to DiegoPapi6, the loss didn't affect him financially[101]. He has continued to invest in the space[102], investing in Centcex[102][103] and making large gains from Shiba Inu. As of September 2021, he reported being the proud owner of a 535i MSport Beemer[104]. From follow up discussions with DiegoPapi6 on Reddit, it would appear that DiegoPapi6 has lost track of many details of his wallet and is not pursuing any further investigation.

It’s been a while and I don’t remember where I put this information. But no worries, I’ve made 50x that amount since then

Total Amount Recovered

Based on the final comment from DiegoPapi6[76], there do not appear to have been any funds recovered in this case. This was also confirmed by private message.

Ongoing Developments

There are no remaining developments likely in this case.

Individual Prevention Policies

Store the majority of funds offline. By offline, it means that the private key and/or seed phrase is exclusively held by you and not connected to any networked device. Examples of offline storage include paper wallets (seed phrase or key written down and deleted from all electronic media), hardware wallets, steel wallet devices, etc...

Any time untrusted software is being run is an opportunity for abuse. It is recommended to always interact with cryptocurrency in a fully controlled environment, which is an environment where you have understanding of every piece of software running there. Using a hardware wallet, spare computer with all software wiped, and/or virtual machine with only the needed software greatly reduces your attack surface. Take the time to verify downloaded files come from the correct and expected source and match available hashes if provided. Any time you encounter a new file, always check if it can contain executable code prior to using it.

For the full list of how to protect your funds as an individual, check our Prevention Policies for Individuals guide.

Platform Prevention Policies

Never take for granted the limited knowledge of users of your service and their tendency to skip past provided information. It is recommended to design a simple tutorial and quiz for new users which explains the basics of seed phrases, strong password generation, secure two-factor authentication, common fraud schemes, how ponzi schemes work, as well as other risks which are unique to the cryptocurrency space. This tutorial and quiz should ensure their understanding and be a standard part of the sign-up or download process which is difficult or impossible to skip.

For the full list of how to protect your funds as a financial service, check our Prevention Policies for Platforms guide.

Regulatory Prevention Policies

Create a standard tutorial and quiz for all new cryptocurrency participants, which is required to be completed once per participant. This tutorial and quiz should cover the basics of proper seed phrase protection, strong password generation, secure two-factor authentication, common fraud schemes, how to detect and guard against phishing attacks, how ponzi schemes work, as well as other risks which are unique to the cryptocurrency space.

For the full list of regulatory policies that can prevent loss, check our Prevention Policies for Regulators guide.


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