$136 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"Token holders count: 3,331"


"In April 2024, a seemingly new hacker emerged, targeting Wall Street Memes and Z123 projects in quick succession with flash loan attacks, resulting in losses of $18,000 and $144,000 respectively."


"Z123 on BSC was attacked by a hacker due to a contract vulnerability, resulting in a loss of approximately $136k. The .update() function of Z123 was repeatedly called which burned extra tokens and inflated the price."


"Today, attacker activate itself again and deployed a new contract which was picked by ML service again (2024-04-22 07:55:32): 0x61Dd07Ce0cEcF0d7BaCf5EB208C57D16bBdEE168


Very soon (2024-04-22 10:02 AM), malicious transaction was detected (Mixer Malicious Contract): 0xc0c4e99a76da80a4cf43d3110364840151226c0a197c1728bb60dc3f1b3a6a27


Victim losses: $140K"


"Malicious actor using Flash loan to manipulate the price of the token in pool."


"By doing 81 iterations of token swaps and calling the ‘Update’ function of the pool, the price was manipulated."

Z123 was a popular token with over 3,000 holders. Unfortunately the smart contract was vulnerable to price manipulation, which allowed an attacker to take $136k from the liquidity pools.

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