$75 000 USD





"Hello everyone! Posted a warning on this subreddit yesterday about a YT scam. Yesterday I was on YT just listening to music and I came across a "live-stream" interview of VB with the title reading "ETH TO 40K BEFORE END OF 2021" or some click bait title like that. So I went ahead and checked it out and it was obviously an old interview that was stolen off another legit channel and playing on loop. The video was advertising the "Send X amount of ETH and we will double it!!", with a link to some website with the QR code for the ethereum address.The video had the comments turned off for obviously reasons. So I wanted to see how much this [scammer] had gotten already. After about 2 hours, [they] had been sent almost 75k worth of ETH..."


"Fast forward to about an hour or so ago, im taking a break from work and wanted to see if sc[ammer] ended up getting more. Turns out they had withdrawn it to another address. So I start digging through all the transactions on etherscan and I end up finding their main wallet address. This [address had] 457.5 ETH, which is approximately $1.7M, in the past day and a half...BRUH!"


"The all this ETH is flowing into this main wallet from multiple addresses. Total current value of this main wallet is approximately $37M...No transactions out for almost 14 days."

It was reported that a scammer ran a doubling scam on YouTube and managed to obtain $75k worth of Ethereum from victims.

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