"Recently some HUGE investment and crypto based YouTube channels were compromised. Channels like CoinBureau, Real Vision Finance, CoinMarketCap and others accounts were hacked and a video titled "One World Cryptocurrency" was uploaded to the channels instructing viewers to purchase a certain new token.


So what's the big deal? There's YT crypto scams all the time, and you'd have to be crazy to send your crypto to anyone you don't know promising instant returns. Well here's the difference; in traditional "doubling" scams, users create a channel name that looks very similar to the person or entity being impersonated (this is done with a combination of special characters replacing letters). So there are 2 accounts now, the original and the spoof. It's easy to look into the spoof account and find red flags though. This time around, the ORIGINAL legit accounts were hacked and a scam video was uploaded."


"Some of the biggest crypto YouTubers were affected by a mass hacking incident this week. The hack involved a scam, where the attackers attempted to get the crypto YouTubers’ viewers to send them funds. They did so by posting a video to these channels, involving the launch of a supposedly new token.


The video mentioned that by sending funds to the address in the video, you would be able to invest in the pre-sale of a new cryptocurrency called One World Cryptocurrency.


Ivan On Tech was among the first to rush to get news of this hack out in to the open. He posted an emergency video on his YouTube channel straight after realising what had happened."


"Is my account hacked? So my @YouTube account published a video out of the blue - I never uploaded ANYTHING. Managed to delete the video the moment it came out. Doing a security sweep now. but the funny thing is.."


"I checked all my personal accounts for recent logins - there are none. HOWEVER, my Youtube brand account has a login from the Philippines ???"


"Prominent crypto Youtubers such as Ivan on Tech and Real Vision Finance have had their accounts compromised within the past few days. It appears to have been a coordinated effort as hackers uploaded a video titled "One World Cryptocurrency," that solicited the same type of token sales across all breached accounts. In addition, the accounts were all logged in from an IP address in the Philippines, although the VPNs were widespread, which makes it difficult to track exact login locations."


"Some other YouTube channels that have been hacked have also published the same video. These channels include The Moon, Floyd Mayweather, aantonop and Crypto Banter"


"Even Floyd Mayweather channel got hacked and the hacker uploaded the same One World Cryptocurrency video."


"Coin Bureau's new YouTube video titled, 'One World Cryptocurrency' is an obvious scam. Most of the comments on that video are probably bots. Its a 1 minute video and it just contains some slides on how to buy the new scam coin. Not sure if coin bureau is the only one affected by this hack. Guy has not provided an update yet but he will probably post something about it in his telegram channel or on his twitter account. Obviously the scam coin is on Binance Smart Chain, who could've seen that coming. This is as obvious of a scam as you're ever gonna get, please don't buy it."


"The same [scam] was briefly posted on Mrwhostetheboss channel with nearly 10 mill subs. This is crazy."


"Do not click the links on the most recent coin bureau video.


The channel has been compromised by hackers. Stay vigilant and don't send crypto or fiat currencies to any addresses mentioned, don't click any links from the video description.


Do not input your seed phrases anywhere.


Do not buy the token mentioned in the video.


It is 100% a scam and niether Guy nor his team is affiliated with the project or promotes it in any way."


"So our YouTube channel was just hacked. Have absolutely no idea how this happened. All accounts are secured with ultra strong passwords and Google security keys. @YouTubeCreators this is a serious problem which other creators are also experiencing. Please fix"


"It's unclear how much the hackers took in as both creators and Youtube quickly took down the scam videos. However, there have been unconfirmed reports from Twitter users claiming losses. One user, @James86965119, allegedly transferred $1,000 worth of digital currencies to the fake addresses posted by the hacker. In addition, if the allegations from the Youtubers are proven, then it would raise questions regarding the effectiveness of Google's two-factor authentication service. Theoretically, hackers would not be able to access one's Youtube account unless they had both the password and security key."


"Ran NeuNer from Crypto Banter, that was also affected by the hack, spoke out in humour shortly after the incident became public knowledge, saying that the total value the hacker managed to get from victims amounted to under $1000:"

For a couple days starting around January 23rd, YouTube channels of prominent cryptocurrency influencers started publishing a new video for a "One World Cryptocurrency". The short video gave limited details and instructed "investors" to send their funds to a particular blockchain address. The scale of channels affected was significant and included at least CoinBureau, Real Vision Finance, CoinMarketCap, Ivan on Tech, Boxmining, The Moon, Floyd Mayweather, Andreas Antonopoulos (aantonop), BitBoy, and Crypto Banter. Limited details are available on the cause of the breach or what funds were lost. One user reports losing $1,000, while another reports that the total loss from all users is less than $1,000.

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