MARCH 2021




"Start Bitcoin Mining Now!" "Expe[rie]nce New Hashrate products. Offic[i]al Gu[i]dance for whole time[.] Easy to make money[.]"


"Welcome Bonus" "Newbie Sign Up And Get a $3 Bonus!" "Invite Friends To Sign Up & Invest" "Earn Your 2% Commission"


"4 Years Of Stable Operation With Over 600,000 Users. Top Level Cloud Mining Platform. We Make Mining Easier Than Ever!"


High Quality Service High standard farm and maintenance team.


Easy Procedure Simple steps to start mining immediately without deployment and maintenance difficulty.


Newest Hardware We use The newest ASIC miner, GPU rigs.


Strong Security SSL encryption communication and multi-layer cold storage of coins fully guarantee safety.


High Value Performance Cheaper mining price and reduced overseas electricity costs.


World Coverage We deploys mining nodes in Asia, Europe, America etc. with 100% genuine hashrate.


Daily Payouts The mining starts immediately after confirmed payment. First payouts within 24 hours. Afterwards, the payouts continue daily.


Secondary Market Secondary market is available with cost-effective price after order has been confirmed.


"Open account for free and start mining today!"


"Xminer.io pays a few small payments to gain your trust. You put in more money, and that’s where they make up a reason you can’t withdraw and they “freeze” your funds until you add ridiculous amounts of money into their account. It’s extortion… except you will never get your money out of their system."


"The address they have listed on their site… turns out it’s in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s. Beware of the vegetables here as the mining machines will create enough heat to wilt the lettuce."


"I fairly quickly realised something was not right just by the look and feel of the website as well as their too good to be true claims that they can pay out up to 150% within 60 days and so I did some digging."


"Just few days back I bought their $50 contract for btc which gave me $50 Plus $6 the next day. Also provide $3 as sign up bonus. So in total had $59 with them. I requested withdrawal as BCH to my online wallet and in 5 mins I had the coins. This $50 is only applicable for new users so I can't test it again. Now I'm going to try their $100 for 2 days with $7 in profit and will report back in few days since i'm arranging balance funds."


"So it's working for now. $100 for 3 days and I got back $107. I again rolled it for 3 days and tomorrow I'll finish the contract and hopefull earn another $7. As long as I can keep rolling my $100 i'm fine with it. In a month I'll have $70. Once I get back my $100 I'll put in $300 for 10 days for $60 return. So far it's legit."


"Latest update for 2 x 3 days of $100 rolling I have earned $14 USD and have withdrawn amount and will roll 100$ again for 3 days."


"I put money into Xminer.io with the intention of documenting the process. I lost $2000 of real money, but it’s money well spent if I can save you from losing a bigger sum."


"They took the money and ran!"


"THeir last offer of doubling the investment seemed to raise big red flag and I tried taking out my remaining $115 but couldn't and today it's no more. Careful as most of the scam cloudmining companies are gonna be exiting soon."

XMiner.io claimed to run a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform and offered various packages with guaranteed returns. Users who purchased small packages would receive their promised returns promptly, while users who purchased the larger packages would be met with excuses when they tried to withdraw. The platform operated for a couple of months before shutting down with all remaining funds.

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