$85 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"In the wake of the monumental X explosion (a blast) that reverberated throughout the galaxy, a trove of long-hidden resources has been unleashed into the void. Among these resources are precious metals (wXBL) within the universe, along with a plethora of other valuable minerals (boost) that have lain dormant for countless millennia."


"Every user in the xBlast universe assumes the mantle of a daring astronaut, propelled by the allure of wealth and the thrill of discovery. Armed with cutting-edge spacecraft, these adventurers traverse the cosmic expanse, venturing into asteroid fields, probing mysterious nebulae, and touching down on uncharted planets in pursuit of precious metals and minerals."


"In the vastness of space, collaboration becomes paramount for survival and success. Mineral seekers within xBlast come together to form diverse communities (Planets), ranging from tight-knit crews to sprawling colonies. These communities serve as hubs of cooperation, where resources are pooled, knowledge is shared, and collective efforts contribute to the prosperity of all members."


"At the heart of the xBlast economy lies the process of resource refinement and exchange. As astronauts mine rare metals and valuable minerals, they have the opportunity to refine them into a marketable substance. This refined substance, known as XBL, can then be sold for profit through specialized refiners located within the web3 market."


"With its immersive gameplay, collaborative community dynamics, and robust economic infrastructure, xBlast stands as a pioneering force in the realm of virtual exploration."


"The full-chain Web3 ecosystem xBlast, built inside Telegram, disclosed on Twitter that it had been hacked. The attacker transferred XBL tokens from its project's main wallet address and sold them for approximately 22 ETH. xBlast's proposed solution is to deploy a new XBL token and restore liquidity, promising fair compensation for all losses."


"We got hacked.


This is the wallet through which the attacker compromised the project:


They transferred XBL tokens from the project's main wallet to this wallet and sold for approximately 22 ETH.


Resolution: We will deploy a new XBL token and restore liquidity. Fair compensation will be provided for all losses."


"On April 9, XBL token mining app @xblast_app on #arbitrum chain suffered an exploit of ~23 $ETH ( ~$84.5K).


The exploiter transferred XBL tokens by exploiting the project’s main wallet to their wallet


How the hack was carried out by the exploiters is still not clear, but the hack is currently being investigated to answer these questions."


"After recovering from the hack, we have listed the new $XBL contracts on @Uniswap - Arbitrum Network."

XBlast is a blockchain-based game application which can be played through Telegram. Users mine and complete daily quests to gain resources. A hacker managed to exploit and transfer a significant amount of resource tokens to their wallet, which they were able to sell for more than 22 ethereum. The project was relaunched with a new token, and a promise of a fair resolution for everyone who had been affected.

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