MARCH 2022




"WIZARD PASS - Get access to the best NFT trading community in the world. Hot Alpha, cutting edge NFT trading tools, whitelist opportunities, automated calendars and alerts, and so much more!"


"Sick of wasting time researching projects? Sick of rug pulls? Our tools are fully automated so everyday you will get live notifications of NFT launches including links and important minting info!"


"As a valued member of our community you will get the first opportunity to Whitelist for popular upcoming NFT projects! You will also get significant discounts on the best rarity, sniping, and analytics tools currently available. As our social media presence grows we will get even better collaboration opportunities - these will be shared with our Wizard Pass holders!"


"We regular update our community on hot new alpha. Be first, be ready as these little nuggets could help you make 5X or even 10X flips! Great for those with more limited cashflow."


"Our aim is to provide so much utility with our Wizard Pass it would be literally impossible to consider selling one (unless you really needed the liquidity!). As such we have decided to limit the supply, after our launch no more will ever be minted and there are no yearly renewals or subscriptions. This is so that our members can all benefit from our growth and development."


"Discord has become a hub for NFT conversations, collaboration, and enjoyment in more ways than one. Discord servers range in size from two members to projects creating multiple channels due to space. Many people believe that Discord is one of the critical tools that have helped NFTs become what they are today."


"Wizard Pass is one of the most recent victims of NFT Discord-related heist. What stands out the most about the Wizard Pass discord hack is that the team behind this project downplayed the severity of the hack, which may have contributed to more valuable NFT tokens and Ethereum being stolen during the heist."


Dape NFT co-founder @SerpentAU called out Wizard Pass on Twitter: “Yes, NFTs are being stolen but there’s no exploit or anything to be worried about. In this particular case, @WizardPassNFT’s discord was compromised. However, this isn’t just a regular fake minting website where you pay 0.1 ETH and get nothing; they have a script that finds your most valuable NFTs and requests token approval for them.”


"@SerpentAU continued, “After sending the 0.1 ETH, the website will come up with another Metamask prompt, where it will request token approval. After confirming the transactions, the victim is essentially providing full access over their NFTs and transferring them to the scammers’ wallets.”"


"Wizard Pass was not spared by #NFTTwitter as a myriad of NFT stakeholders and affected investors descended on the bird app to share their frustrations and disappointment with the handling of the Wizard Pass Discord hack.


On Monday, 14 March 2022, Wizard Pass’ founder responded to criticisms concerning the project’s handling of the breach. He apologized to the victims of the Discord breach. He shared that the project’s Discord server was taken down after the breach was back in operation, further assuring the public that his team is contacting affected individuals."


"Yesterday, the founder of Wizard Pass responded to the criticism. The founder also apologised to all those who fell victim to this scam. Furthermore, he confirmed that the project’s Discord server is back in operation and assured everyone that the team is contacting every person affected."

Wizard Pass is a service offering access to an NFT trading community with advanced tools, whitelist opportunities, automated calendars, and more. Wizard Pass recently experienced a Discord-related hack. The severity of the hack was downplayed initially, which may have contributed to more valuable NFT tokens and Ethereum being stolen during the heist. Wizard Pass' founder later responded, apologizing to the victims and confirming that the project's Discord server is back in operation. They are also actively reaching out to affected individuals.

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