$3 580 000 USD





"The $WSM token celebrates the little guys, the retail investors. The guys that took on wall street and won.


With a buyback program to support token price, WSMCasino to get your blood pumping, and a staking program to reward diamond hands, the $WSM token is the hottest meme token out there."


"The Wall Street Memes community is the home of the degen. Born out of the GameStop saga, we’ve assembled a community of over 1.1 million diamond hands on social, serving the best memes Wall Street doesn’t want you to see.


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"We did audit the token."


"The end to hack attacks targeting the cryptocurrency world is not in sight. Hackers most recently targeted the staking contract of Wall Street Memes (WSM), created under the motto “the ultimate expression of the internet’s victory against rampant capitalism.” Following the hack attack, the altcoin’s price sharply fell."


"On-chain data provider Spot On Chain reported that after the hack targeting Wall Street Memes’ WSM staking contract, the altcoin’s price dropped by approximately 35% in the last 24 hours.


In the hack attack, a wallet address starting with 0xb52… stole 769.4 million WSM tokens from the WSM staking contract and began selling the stolen tokens on Uniswap and MEXC exchanges for Ethereum (ETH). Currently, the hacker has 369.2 million WSM tokens worth $3.58 million in 17 wallet addresses, indicating that the selling pressure will continue and the altcoin’s decline will persist."


On January 24th, 2024, "the Wall Street Memes token was subject to a coordinated attack. The hackers exploited a vulnerability with our staking provider and accessed the $WSM staking contract.


Our team acted fast, pulling liquidity from Uniswap and asked exchanges to temporarily halt trading. These quick actions have made it difficult for the hackers to sell the stolen tokens, and limited the impact on the $WSM token."


"The team has been working around the clock to execute a plan to restore users staked tokens, and renew the liquidity pool.


Over the coming days, we’ll be working to deploy an upgraded token contract. This will allow us to:


Create a new staking pool and mirror all the staked token information from the current staking contract. Meaning users still have all of their staked tokens. Create a new liquidity pool that matches the current one, maintaining consistency of price as we switch to the new contract.


What does this mean for holders?


As we move to the new token contract, we’ll be doing the following.


The current WSM token will cease to be tradable, and we’re working with exchanges to move all holder funds to the new token contract. Staked funds will be moved to a new staking contract and users will be able to access their staked funds via the new contract. DeFi and non-custodial holders will be airdropped the equivalent of the new token. The team are still investigating the root cause of the hack, and are diligently working with providers and exchanges to facilitate a smooth transition to the new token. We’ll keep you all updated on our community channels as soon as we have updates."


"We’re still investigating the root cause of the hack with our staking provider."


"The new contract will feature enhanced security, we’ll update you more on that as development progresses."


"According to Spot On Chain, the hacker still holds 396.2 million WSM tokens out of the 769.4 million exploited during the attack. At the time of the report, the tokens stored in 17 different wallet addresses are worth around $3.58million.


Given WSM’s current total market capitalization, a dump of the remaining token by the hacker would significantly hurt WSM’s value. Currently, the meme network has a total market cap of $17.4 million and a circulating supply of 1.92 billion tokens."


"No normal communication from the team on official telegram channel, banning users who ask important questions and kicking out from the chat, deleting user posted important comments, very fishy"


"That's fine but why I am blocked or expelled from the Telegram group? I am holding wsm coins right from presale and what's wrong in asking the status of my coins because of this attack?"

Wall Street Memes is a token to celebrate the short squeeze conducted on the GameStop stock. Late on January 24th, 2024, an attacker was able to exploit the Wall Street Memes smart contract and access the staked tokens. This allowed them to acquire 769.4 million WSM tokens, which they promptly began to sell. They stopped selling with 369.2 million tokens remainign in 17 wallets, with the value of the token having dropped 35% and at high risk of dropping further. The Wall Street Memes team ultimately relaunched the smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain and airdropped tokens to the original holders based on their balances prior to the exploit.

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