$46 000 USD





"The $WSM token celebrates the little guys, the retail investors. The guys that took on wall street and won.


With a buyback program to support token price, WSMCasino to get your blood pumping, and a staking program to reward diamond hands, the $WSM token is the hottest meme token out there."


"The Wall Street Memes community is the home of the degen. Born out of the GameStop saga, we’ve assembled a community of over 1.1 million diamond hands on social, serving the best memes Wall Street doesn’t want you to see.


Looking to work with Wall Street Memes? We work with selective partners to offer collaborative content and ad placements. To find out more about Wall Street Memes partnerships click here."


"Welcome to the new home of the degen - Wall St Memes Casino is the ultimate destination to spend your well earned gains. With custom Wall St Memes games, sports betting, a live casino, and $WSM token integration, it’s the perfect place to grow your bags!"




"We will be giving away 5,000,000 $WSM tokens which will be distributed to anyone who claims from Oct 11th - Oct 13th. There is only a limited amount of token, so act fast! Any gas spent on claiming the tokens will be refunded via Wall Street Meme's Smart Contract." "Claim your $WSM tokens here" "We appreciate your support for the best communi1ty. Best of luck claiming $WSM Fam"


"The Discord server attack took place on October 12, leading to community members being bombarded by scammers posing as official team members."


"A team at WSM is working very hard to guarantee that the Discord server is 100% safe for its community. In the tweet, WSM alerted their community to the fact that no one from their team would message a community member directly or request any personal information, even if it came from an admin or certified account."


"We’ve set up a fund for anyone affected by the discord hack. If you were affected, please follow the instructions below carefully. We’ll be taking submissions until the 17th of November. Then, we’ll be airdropping legitimate victims the hacked $WSM on the 22nd November."


"[Y]ou’ll need to head to etherscan.com and connect your compromised wallet. You can do that be visiting https://etherscan.io/verifiedSignatures# and hitting the ‘sign message’ button, as seen below."


"Once you’ve signed the message, our team will cross reference it with the affected wallet addresses and airdrop you your lost $WSM tokens on the 22nd November."


"All compensation claims submitted by November 17 will have the funds from compromised wallets refunded on a 1:1 basis."


"The relief fund has disbursed $46,000 worth of $WSM to all those affected by the hack." "The largest compensation claim was $6,600.60, and the smallest was $8.17."

Wall Street Memes is a token to celebrate the short squeeze conducted on the GameStop stock. Late on October 11th, 2024, an attacker was able to hack into the Wall Street Memes Discord server. They posted a series of announcements promising an airdrop of free tokens in order to gain access and drain wallets. Approximately a month later, the Wall Street Memes team announced a compensation scheme for all affected users who could sign a transaction with the compromised wallet by November 17th, 2023.

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