$323 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"Craft unique, premium-quality, proprietary assets tailored to your gaming ventures


Revolutionize game development with Voidz's AI engine: Craft assets, tokenize via NEXUS, trade with predictive AI insights, and rent from our elite GPU suite, all in a single, groundbreaking workflow"


"Tokenization is the process of converting an asset into a digital token on the blockchain, much like how a deed represents ownership of land in the real world."


"The trading experience on VoidZ is not just about swapping items. It's backed by sophisticated AI on NEXUS gateway that helps in offering predictive analytics and pricing recommendations."


"The creation of high-quality game assets is a resource-intensive task. Traditionally, this would require substantial upfront investment in hardware for developers."


"The Nexus Gateway is an integral component of our product suite, designed to democratize asset ownership and create the perfect environment for digital asset trading. Infinite tokenization awaits"


"Use classic text-prompts to create and edit the 3D assets you need." "Upload an image and watch it turn into 3D content." "Apply texture and edit visual details with artificial intelligence."


"The Fake VDZ on BNBChain is suspected of a rug pull, and the current token price has dropped by 100%."


"Be aware of this token! Team of this token has sold at least 581.392 BNB."

VoidZ is an AI engine with an associated token on the Ethereum blockchain. A token with a very similar name was released on the Binance smart chain. It's unclear how the token was promoted. On April 14th, 2024, the liquidity was pulled with a total value of $323k.

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