APRIL 2021




"The #1 AMM and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain."


"Vine Protocol is a multi-chain protocol for liquidity mining, market making, DeFi token offering and DEX aggregation. It provides all these services at zero cost to the users that have enabled transaction fee mining." "Vine Protocol is the next step forward in Dex Defi protocols, designed to be the next evolution. Taking Binance chain’s liquidity focused strategy."


"75.30% of Genesis Vine Protocol (VINE) resources are dedicated to members of the Vine Protocol community." "VINE will be available through four liquidity mining pools: VINE-BNB, VINE-ETH, VINE-USDT and VINE-WBTC."


"VINE Protocol is airdropping 500 VINE to airdrop participants." "Vine Protocol is launching a crypto Airdrop program to community. Join the Airdrop campaign and complete tasks, You will earn free 500 VINE Tokens with an estimate value of $250."


"Inbounds received that indicated as protention high risks regarding a project named Vine Protocol. The project claimed to have been audited by CertiK, which is misleading, and not true at all."


"Beware that Vine-Protocol has widely publicized a huge airdrop, that depended upon the word having been widely spread."


"Theoretically today was payday, to those who made the appropriate sharings, and referrals but right now they are presenting a very scammy strategy, claiming they couldnt send the promised tokens due to a smart chain problem asking people to instead send then 0.1bnb."


"I have no idea whether this is actually a legit aidrop, and I do not wish to spread any FUD but, anybody who asks you to send them crypto to send you crypto is, at best, shady, at worst straight scam."


"I signed up for the aidrop completing every step- sharing their tweet on my twitter and all. One of the steps was signing up to their telegram group - fine done. Weeks later - they posted in the telegram group that they had "forgotten" a step and needed everyone who they had already told was eligible for their airdrop to now get 5 referrals to be eligible."

Vine Protocol created a nice whitepaper, website, and proposed to launch a new decentralized finance platform.


If you performed some steps, you were supposedly set up to receive 500 of the free VINE tokens.


However, when it came time to actually launch, they asked people to send 0.1BNB in order to receive the airdrop, while others were told they had to do 5 referrals.


It is unknown how many people were tricked into sending their funds.

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