$2 000 USD





"I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across this post (Post is still up). The post looked legit, and it made sense as to why they would do something like this for the community as it was Ripple's 10 year anniversary."


"Being an XRP fan since January 2021 and seeing this, I felt like had to hop in this "Airdrop".


I do remember as soon as I saw this post I had a gut feeling of "This is too good to be true".


However, I continued to proceed anyways.


The whole time I was going through this I was rushed by the fact that I was on a lunch break and had to get back to work. So I was trying to move fast.


I failed to realize that this was not the verified profile of Brad Garlinghouse. I trusted the checkmark instead.


I also failed to verify the website link not being the official Ripple website. This website has a countdown timer of how much XRP there is left to claim for the bonus. This added on to the feeling of being rushed."


"However since I felt like I was being rushed, I continued to put in the address and sent the XRP over.


I didn't realized that I got scammed until I went back to the website and saw that there was no XRP left to claim, the countdown reached 100M and then went back to 85M. At this moment I KNEW I got scammed."


"Hopefully the Mods won't take down my post this time. Just wanted to let you all know that I got scammed today. I want to share my story with you all in hopes of preventing something like this from happening to you. Never did I think I would fall for a scam but sadly I did."


"I knew what I was getting into when I started my crypto journey back in January 2021. I told myself "Only put in what you are willing to lose" so I was always mentally prepared to lose everything. I feel betrayed at the fact that someone out there would even think about scamming people.


I know the only one to blame for this is myself, this was my mistake. I just want to share this story with some of you out there, who may think they won't ever get scammed. Believe me, I am usually very observant when it comes to things like these. I normally can spot a scam from a mile away. This time was different.


I believe the fact that I saw a checkmark on the Twitter account alongside the fact that I felt like I was being rushed to send this over, lead me to getting scammed. Everything just aligned soo well for me to get scammed today."


"I've tried to reach out to the twitter account to have my crypto sent back to me as a last resort but I know my XRP will be gone forever."


"Not a single person commenting is addressing the biggest factor in why OP fell for the scam: the Twitter verification system. OP mentioned the person left up personal info and photos in old tweets. Sure enough, if you go backwards in their feed, you can see them. But they’re old and stopped posting in 2021. Then, in September, the XRP posts started. What probably happened is, the scammer either hacked or bought the old verified account, then changed the name and profile pic, and started posting about XRP. All the while keeping the Verified check mark. This is a major flaw in the verification system that you can change your identifying information but not need to get re-verified. Anyone with a twitter account should report the account and tweet asap."


"I lost approximately 3,800 XRP."


"3,800 XRP = $1,786"


"Every single thing about this is "classic scam". There's nothing unique, special or different about this scam in any way at all. Either you're an absolute idiot who has *no idea at all* about scams... or this is karma farming.


alongside the fact that I felt like I was being rushed to send this over, lead me to getting scammed Oh really? A scam added a time element to rush you into your decision?! How novel and original of them."

Reddit user Practical-Bench7741 reports falling for a doubling scam from a user claiming to be Brad Garlinghouse and posting from a verified Twitter account. They sent 3,800 XRP with the expectation that it would be doubled, based on it being XRP's 10th anniversary. Unfortunately the scammer did not feel like doubling or returning their funds. They posted on Reddit to warn others to avoid this scam.

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