"A rather easy way to make it appear that known influencers have "aped in" to a scam project."


"One scammer utilized an advanced feature on Uniswap’s signature “swap” screen, manipulating the transaction logs. This setting allowed the stealthy trader to change the “recipient” of the coin, making it appear as though popular crypto influencer and Lead Casting Couch Interviewer at eGirl Capital, DegenSpartan, had purchased a large amount of the scam coin. The swindler used a celebrity-endorsement tactic that tricks investors into purchasing an illegitimate ICO. Though roundabout in its strategy, this is just an exit scam with extra steps. "


"On our Power Brokers channel, an alert appears that @DegenSpartan swapped for $OPT, what **appears** to be a token for Open Sea. But it's a fake token that has nothing to do with the awesome NFT marketplace."


"Scammer turned on advanced mode in Uniswap which allows to choose a different recipient of the swap. In this case Degen."


"This generates a swap of ETH from scammers wallet for OPT which is sent to DegenSpartan's wallet."


"Per usual, upon further inspection, there are issues in the contract itself."

A hacker created a fake coin with the same name as a real coin. Then they send some to an influencer in a swap, making it look like the influencer is participating.


Of course, these fake tokens would not make it past any reasonable trained human operators.


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