$257 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"Decentralized Infrastructure For Real World Asset Metrics"


"RWAs are about to bring massive sums of money on-chain. This shift not only promises to enhance liquidity within digital markets but also aims to bridge the gap between TradFi assets and DeFi technology, enabling a more inclusive and versatile financial landscape."


"Precise and up-to-date information ensures that digital representations of real-world assets are accurate, trustworthy, and capable of fostering confidence among investors."


"In an era where skepticism towards official data and statistics is growing, the demand for transparent, decentralized, and verifiable data sources is more pressing than ever."


"Fake Truflation on ETH is suspected of a rug pull, with the deployer removing substantial liquidity, causing a 100% price decline."


"Be aware of this token! Team of this token has sold at least 72.924 ETH."

The truflation project aims to aggregate data from around the world to create true feeds of data such as inflation, and has since expanded into a number of other metrics. The project launched a blockchain-based token in late March, and so did a copy-cat. The copy-cat token achieved liquidity of more than 52 ETH or $257k, which was subsequently drained.

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