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"The safe place for your coins." "Store your coins with Trezor." "Hardware wallet is the safest way to manage & trade your cryptocurrencies."


"I was trying to move some of my BTC from Trezor to an exchange and there was a notice saying that my Trezor Bridge is out of date."


"So I just googled Trezor bridge to find the latest update, thats when I clicked into the fake Trezor website. Everything looks the same as the legit Trezor.io website, except the popup saying there is a need to recover the wallet due to a bad connection. I did not pay enough attention as I though the poor connection was caused by the outdated Trezor bridge, plus I was trying to upgrade the firmware too as I have not logged into my Trezor for a while. So I was ready to put in the recovery seed anyway and that costs me everything."


"Strongly recommend prohibiting fake web as promoted Ad on google, and a wallet application like ledger live would be great to avoid similar incident on web browser."


"To be more specific, I lost 0.6126 BTC, 44.8362 LTC and 3.4962 ETH."

A Trezor user reports that they were tricked out of their funds through an attempt to upgrade their wallet software. Instead of visiting the Trezor website, they ended up clicking on Google Ads in the search results, which led them to a scam website. This scam website claimed their wallet was losing connection and they needed to enter their seed phrase. When they did, it enabled the attacker to steal all of their funds. There is no indication that any funds have been recovered.


There is no reason to ever enter a seed phrase into an application. All hardware wallets on the market establish that any phrase should be entered into the hardware wallet hardware itself.


Always check and visit the official website of a service. The majority of funds should be stored offline and not on a live wallet application. When setting up a new wallet or upgrading wallet software, never enter your pass phrase or send any funds without first transferring a smaller amount.


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