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"Last year, Trezor issued a warning to users after fraudsters began to make counterfeit versions of its hardware wallets."


"On Nov. 19, the company issued an official warning to users which reported that an almost identical copy of Trezor One was spotted in the market."


"In recent weeks we have discovered a non-genuine Trezor One devices which try to imitate the original to the bone."


"We have experienced it first-hand, as Trezor clones have been released over the years of our activity. However, in recent weeks, we have discovered something more startling. A one-to-one copy of Trezor One. In other words, a fake Trezor device, manufactured by a different, unknown vendor."


"Similarly to clothing fakes, a fake Trezor One is often sold at a steep discount. This should act as the first red flag. Others will be described below."


"As soon as we learned about the existence of Trezor fakes, we have started to fervently pursue a number of legal and other steps to prevent those fakes from being produced and distributed, in order to protect you, our customers."

In November 2018, fake Trezor hardware wallets were found being produced by an unknown manufacturer. The wallet devices don't appear to be malicious, but rather cheap knock-offs. However, it would not take much effort for a scammer to convert the wallets into malicious versions which generate a predictable private key.


Users should always check any wallet they receive against official sources. Check for news and updates on the official website or contact them if you are uncertain.


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