$32 000 USD





"I[']m 41 [and a] single dad raising 2 amazing preteen girls. [I j]ust started in [bitcoin] earlier this year[. I] had put about 4 years worth of saving into the bitcoins. My goal was to put around 3.5 [BTC] on the [T]rezor and just hodl it for as long as [I] could. Last week [I] bought 1.66 [BTC] and figured that would be my last buy for awhile since [I] was close to the 3.5 [BTC that I] wanted."


"[I] had plans for the money down the road[ to h]elp buy [my daughters] a car when they turn 16 and help with their college. I think thats what bitcoin is all about[ -] collecting these bitcoins and hoping that in the future they will help out your family [and] give them a better life. Most of us wouldn[']t sell our [bitcoin] anytime soon as we know in 3 or 4 years [it] could be amazing."


"[I] bought my last bit[coin] at [$]8250 and at one point [on F]riday [the price] hit $10500[. I] was feeling great not knowing [that M]onday would be the worst day of my life."


"[G]rowing up in the midwest [I] trust people more than [I] should[.]" "[I] was working from home and thought between work deals [I'd] transfer my 3.5 bitcoin from [C]oinbase into my [T]rezor. While plugging my [T]rezor in[,] it didn[']t go in super smooth but [I] got it in[,] which [I] thought was wierd. So [I] [G]oogle[d] 'trezor' and[ c]licked on the first link for [T]rezor." "On the [G]oogle [C]hrome search this site was right above the real official [T]rezor site."


"[A]fter it says continue to your wallet the 24 word recovery seed box pops up. The link is wallet.trezcr.com/trezor-one.html." "In the website it looked just like [the T]rezor site but it came up with a message that said '[T]rezor damaged. Input 24 word seed.' I know [I] know [I] know. I was thinking the same thing 'nope not gonna do it'." "[I] totally knew better[.]" But [I] was rushing and said well [maybe] due to me having plug in issues. So as [you] can guess [I] put it in for some crazy reason[. I] wasn[']t thinking." "My mind was on work[.]"


"Worst decision of my life. Come to find out this was a phishing link that steals [bitcoin]." "[Yo]u can guess it[ -] they got 1.29 and 2.14 [BTC] from me." "[A]round 3.5 bitcoin stolen from my [T]rezor this week."


"[H]ow can people do that to someone else[?]" "[H]ow in the heck could someone live with themselves knowing they are ruining peoples lives[? It's c]razy the world we live in." "I[']m in a position with my job [where I] could wreck people pretty bad[ly] financially[, b]ut no way in heck would that even cross my mind. Not only did they steal from me but what [upsets me most] was that they stole from my daughters[.]"


"[W]hy does [G]oogle let a phishing [advertisement] be above the real [T]rezor link when you [G]oogle 'trezor'[?]" "[T]hat[']s messed up[. They] shouldn[']t allow that site at all[. A]ll it does is harm people[.]" "[T]rezor should do more to alert the public about the phishing hack[. I]t was hard to find[. I] think maybe [I found] 1 or 2 articles 6 months ago. That [information] should be on [Y]ahoo[, G]oogle[, and] all over the place."


"For the record this was 100% my fault[, s]o negative comments can be kept to yourself[. I'm] sure [I] have said them to myself." "I know [I've] brought this upon myself[. I] blame myself 100%." "[I] don[']t want anyone else to go through what [I']ve experienced in the last week." "Please don[']t fall for this please[. I]t will mess you up bad[ly]." "[D]on[']t be stupid and fall for it like me." "[I] used to watch and subscribe to bitcoin channels like 'the moon'[,] 'Sunny decree'[,] crypto zombie'[,] Chico crypto[,] and a couple others. [I l]oved watching the videos and learning but now [I've] unsubscribed for the time being[. It] kind of makes me sick thinking [about] how [I] screwed up[. I'm] sure it will get better but [it's a] tough pill to swallow now."


"I know people have been hacked for much more [bitcoin] so [I] do feel for you. [The c]razy thing is [that the] current walue would be around 32k. But it[']s more about what the value will be in 4 years." "[I] was in the market for a [19]93 [C]obra[,] but that may have to wait now. I[']m still going to invest in [bitcoin,] but take my time when transfering it[,] and no [I] will not use the corrupt [T]rezor[.]"


"I[']m working with [the] authorities and the exchange to see if there is any hope." "The detective assigned to my case hasn[']t been able to review it[. H]e was in training today. And [I] need the police report to send to the exchange to see if that leads me anywhere." "[I'm] not going to give [the detective's] name but he is pretty high up there[.]"


"Th[e th]ief used a [VPN] and b[o]ught monero with [the bitcoin]." "[The] police are worthless. They don[']t help at all. It sucks."

Reddit user abruceky reports that they fell victim to a Google Adwords phishing website and gave up the seed phrase for their wallet which contained 3.43 bitcoins. The phishing website showed up as the top result on a Google search for "Trezor". Once the funds were taken, the thief converted them to Monero using a centralized exchange, with an account set up via a VPN-based connection. The user reports that the police were not helpful and it would appear that no funds were recovered.


Never ever share the seed phrase to your hardware wallet with any place other than the hardware wallet itself.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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