$180 000 USD





"The victim is a Bitcoin trader by the surname of Lee. The thieves contacted him via his WeChat account, and a deal was made for him to purchase a total of five bitcoins."


“He was given an offer to buy five bitcoin at a five per cent discount off the market price, but was instructed that the transaction would be conducted in cash,” the source said.


"Lee then headed to the rendezvous, which took place at a Starbucks on Hennessy Road, Wan Chai at 4:30pm." "Two men, thought to be aged between 20 and 40, met Lee in the coffee shop, but the transaction was not completed."


"The victim was told that the pair wanted to trade more bitcoin, and another meeting was arranged at a McDonald’s outlet in North Point at 9.30pm the same day." "The Post understands Lee was carrying HK$450,000 at the time." "Lee took a bag containing HK$1.4 million to the fast food outlet on King’s Road, North Point at 9.40pm but failed to find the two “sellers”."


"At about 10pm, he received a phone call from one of the men, who claimed they got lost and instructed Lee to meet them outside the State Theatre Building on King’s Road – about 100 metres away – instead."


"As Lee was heading towards his new destination, he was attacked from behind by three masked men. One of them pushed him down while the other two grabbed his bag and mobile phone. The robbers then fled the scene on foot."


“Soon after the victim left the outlet, he was attacked from behind by three masked men,” another source said. “One of them pushed him to the floor, and the others snatched his bag containing the cash and a mobile phone.”


"Police said no weapon was used in the incident." "The three robbers fled on foot and were seen turning onto North Point Road heading towards Provident Garden on Java Road. Officers scouted the area, but no arrests were made."


"Police searched the area but found nothing, but they are still looking for the five criminals (or perhaps just three) criminals who took part in the Bitcoin robbery." "Police are searching for five men, two who posed as sellers and three who attacked victim and took his bag." "As of just before noon on Friday, the five suspects were still on the run, according to police."


"According to police, the victim suffered minor hand and leg injuries. He was bandaged at the scene but did not require hospital treatment."

In January 2018, a Hong Kong man was robbed when attempting to purchase bitcoin in-person for cash. The culprits met him at a McDonald's and then claimed to get lost and asked him to meet them about 100 meters away. They then robbed him and stole his cash. Police have not been able to track down the criminals or recover any funds.

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