"TFI is an independent fork of YFI markets. The platform aggregates multiple protocols. TFI allows a user to hold token take out a loan, without an applications review.… This trend has since caught on by other DeFi protocols. Decentralized Exchanges. Trading of securities and cryptocurrencies is typically done through platforms run by a third party."


"Farming is a term used to describe the act of earning more cryptocurrency in exchange for providing value, usually in the form of locking or depositing cryptocurrencies on an application." "Farming has been implemented as means of organically growing the $TFI community and it is expected to serve as an integral part of $TFI’s incentivized governance protocols."


"$TFI will focus on growing its initial user base by attracting users who are readily familiar with #DeFi governance protocols like YFI. This will be done through the ability to ‘farm’ $TFI tokens by holding other governance assets." "Users will be able to earn additional $TFI tokens by staking their balance. This measurement has been implemented to encourage and provide continuous benefits for long-term supporters of $TFI tokens."


"Use your wallet to send ETH to the crowdfunding address. After the Presale is over, TFI will be automatically sent to your source address according to the source address of your ETH."


"I sent eth in presale and 6 days later still hadn’t received my presale tokens. I contacted 2 of the admins and sent them my txn and screenshots on etherscan. One of them told me it was fake and they hadn’t received my eth."


"I’ve spoken to them a few times but this hasn’t been resolved. They took my eth and say they hadn’t received."


"They are not even active in the telegram group. There website and template is a copy off another site, I can’t remember which now."


"Presale has ended and they have put out a uniswap link."


"The[ir] last twitter and website update was the 22nd of September."

Tomato DEFI was launched by an anonymous team and promised to be a new yield farm, and users would send their ethereum to the funding address to participate.


There are reports of users not receiving tokens for their ethereum, and updates stopped after the initial launch. The website is now offline, although social media has not been entirely deleted.

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