MAY 2022




""GOOD FORTUNES BAKED INSIDE" The Meta Bucks the meta bucks U.M.I. is here... mint yours today"


"Unique Membership Identifiers Know Your Company "The Meta Bucks UMI" is our version of an "NFT". It grants lifetime access to opportunities in our ecosystem, while enabling you to be safely identified in web3. Build trust inside your global community like never before. Know your company..."


"YOUR PLACE Your Contract Leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain, we deploy solutions for travelers, renters, homeowners and lenders. Smart Contracts for real estate, that actualize ownership of real life assets. Sales settled on the blockchain make way for faster transaction speeds, exciting new ways to own a home, & vacations like never before."


"Los Angeles county is the first of many markets we will enter to build our bespoke communities. We hope that you can join us on this journey. By working with us to get to know you as a person, you can harness this opportunity to transition from a renter to an owner, Building equity every time you pay rent.*"


"Metabucks was compromised due to Giveaway boat we are currently working on restoring everything. Please do not click any links! The account in question that has caused the problems is jayy#5346, discord id# is 321694601360572416 Please make sure you ban this account to stay safe!"


"Very interesting that the same HTML layout was being used in an attack against Meta Bucks yesterday"

Meta Bucks U.M.I. introduced "The Meta Bucks UMI" as their version of an NFT, providing lifetime access to opportunities within their ecosystem and ensuring secure identification in web3. The initiative aims to build trust within global communities. Leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain, the project deploys solutions for travelers, renters, homeowners, and lenders, utilizing smart contracts for real estate transactions. The platform focuses on entering markets, starting with Los Angeles county, to create bespoke communities. Unfortunately, Meta Bucks faced a compromise, specifically mentioning a compromised account (jayy#5346) causing problems and urging users not to click any links associated with it. There's an acknowledgment of a similar HTML layout being used in an attack against Meta Bucks the previous day.

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