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"Invest in Bitcoin. Experts predict Bitcoin will reach $318,000* by the end of the year. Invest now with Tesler and take advantage." "Get access to our innovative trading platform. Experience its easy-to-use and seamless design. Available from both a desktop computer and a mobile for a complete trading experience." "Investing and trading Bitcoin can be done at any time, giving you the flexibility to work with your investments without hindrance."


"Have you been searching for the best automated trading bots on the crypto market? If so, you may just find that a site like Tesler 2 is worth checking out. From its accurate algorithms, to the ability to process countless transactions at once; there’s a lot that makes Tesler 2 a great choice. As you can imagine, this has brought the platform quite a bit of attention from the Bitcoin community."


"Tesler2 is presented as a cutting-edge trading app that is using satellite technology to gain a competitive advantage and make money in financial markets." "It has been around under different names, like Tesler, Tesler App, Tesler 2.0, Tesler Investments or Tesler PRO."


"The value of Bitcoin has radically increased over the years. The crypto that no one wanted to even talk about is now being traded throughout the world."


"The traders of Bitcoin are increasing day by day due to its increasing value. But, having the best trading platform to trade Bitcoins in is the most important thing for any trader. If the platform is not legit, then you may end up losing all of your investment."


"The user panel is very easy to use and provides you reach o all the features in one place. If you’re a beginner trader, you’ll love the simplicity of the Tesler 2 trading platform." "The Tesler App works on autopilot, so they say that it is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals. They guarantee that it will make you $5000 per day and they will give it to you for free. It sounds strange, doesn’t it?"


"Since Tesler is AI-based, the chances of getting scammed or cheated are equal to none. Everything is managed by the robots and a reputed team that doesn’t compromise on the safety and the comfort of the users."


"When you sign up, they will immediately take you to a deposit page of an unregulated broker. You will be asked to deposit your own money to start trading." "And brokers on the platforms are reputed and well known, so there is not any chance of them stealing your profits. Therefore, the Tesler is the most secure trading platform you can find on the Internet."


"When all of your details will be submitted, a client support specialist will contact you by telephone; however, this is just conceivable on the off chance that you give a substantial telephone number. While you’re on call, you will be told to invest at least $250."


"But don’t do it, because this how they take your money, they make you send it to an unregulated broker that they have partnered with. Once you send your money, it will be game over and you will never see it again."


"I made the huge mistake after watching a video on YouTube then Tesler advert played with this guy calling himself Steven. He's an actor! As soon as I put my name, email and mobile in at the end of the advert my phone rang almost immediately."


"I sat listening to the guy Steven's You Tube explanation of how everything worked and how it didn't cost you a penny only to find 10 seconds after filling in my name and phone number that this was all bs!! The phone rang almost as soon as I'd put in the last digit and an American guy wanted to know how much I wanted to invest?"


"This guy who calls himself Brandon with a very strong foreign accent was talking so fast and was super keen to get me to navigate to their site and deposit cash. He was very pushy and made me feel quite nervous. I made my excuses and hung up and blocked his number straight away. I spoke with a friend and after looking online it was confirmed they are scam merchants. They call themselves Tesla but your email confirmation makes no mention of that and instead the company is calling themselves Earningcrypt. I would never have added my bank details on a site without doing checks first."

The Tesler 2 website claims that you can make $5700 per day continuously. The site lists cryptocurrency market prices and implies that it has something to do with trading. Despite being a free service, once you sign up, you get a call asking how much you want to invest. After investing, no one has ever reported receiving any money back.


Most aspects of the Tesler2 scheme should raise red flags immediately. Spend time researching before giving anyone any money.


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