$27 000 USD





"i am facing following situation:


I had Terrastation installed on my desktop PC and i have created two wallets.


Then i transferred 408 Luna & some UST from my personal "wallet 1" to my personal "wallet 2". I copied the "target" adress directly out of the wallet 2 and pasted it to "wallet 1".


Then i logged off the PC. Next day my PC was not accessible anymore (the login option was deactivated - i had to reset my whole PC).


In parallel i installed Terrastation on another Laptop and i recovered my 2 wallets.


Then i saw that "wallet 2" was empty and i checked the transaction history ==> i saw that the adress i have sent the Luna to does not belong to me! I have no clue where this adress came from and i assume that it was a kind of "hack".


Do you know, who can support with this topic? I am totally fucked up......."

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