$106 000 USD

APRIL 2022




"it was a long discussion via dm. He wanted to buy my coolman's (it was a rare one) for 5.2 ETH. This was the final price. I set up a trade NFT Trader (i was aware of the scam with a different link). Then he told me that it is not working on his mobile. I already invested $150 to set up the trade. Then I canceled and he proposed to use this scam site swifttrade.io (i thought it is legit). I set up the trade and agreed the smart contract with my ledger. Nothing happened and i though it is a buggy interface / MM plug in (which happens). So i clicked through it 4 more time. Suddenly 5 transactions showed up on MM. I gave full access to 5 collections. 2 Doddles, 1 Lazy Lion, 1 Gutter Pigeon, 1 Gutter Dog and 1 Coolman's gone. Its was great social engineering. I was stupid for blindly using the scam platform and accepting foolishly"


"just lost these NFT's. Swifttrader is NOT legit. I am so stupid. I lost so much money. @doodles @GutterCatGang @LazyLionsNFT @CoolmanUniverse. I will cry myself to sleep now!"


"me? I just lost 6 NFTs in a scam and i need it to get back on track lost roughly 100k"


"so how do you get back on your feet when you just lost NFT‘s worth 100k? even this pfp is not mine anymore"


"had to change my banner and pfp because of that hacker who stole all my valuable NFTs worth at least 100k. Now rocking my @CreatureToadz. It nice too, but I am still depressed because of this! :("


"this freaking NFT hack/scam makes me feel like a failure. @doodles made me feeI like that i am going to make it! I dare you replying with some „hackers“ name who can retrieve! (you scammers are the worst)"


"Hey Seth, consider them as gone. I got scammed out of 5 NFTs like 4 weeks ago. Also 2 doodles involved. I feel your pain :( - i am doodle less. Solution to prevent: create an isolated vault. That‘s what i am gonna do!"

Twitter user Blinkyy, who commonly uses the handle Amoeba.eth, thought they were selling their Coolman's NFT for a generous market price of 5.1 ETH. After the seller was apparently unable to complete the trade on their mobile, they suggested to use a Swifttrader platform. This platform repeatedly failed to complete the trade, so continual authorization was needed to try again and again. In the end, instead of a trade, Amoeba found that they had been tricked into transfering 6 of their NFTs to an attacker, who promptly resold them for 35.15 ETH, with a market price of $106k USD.

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