$4 800 000 USD

MARCH 2024




"SSS is a complete on-chain experience"


"-Own a piece of the game -Collect player tax and game store revenue" "-Daily Quest and Growth Quest -Reward: unlock a Secret Sushi Scroll for a shot at an exclusive NFT Legend Skin" "-Obtain SSS rewards for playing" "-Fair-launched game token -Gameplay uses and burns SSS"


"It is the period of Mizu-Edo, a chaotic time where various types of Food battle for supremacy and culture.


You play as a Samurai born in the Rice Kingdom. Your family lineage comprises of multiple generations of highly regarded Sushi Samurai."


"You begin your journey as a Novice Samurai, trained in Rice-Fu. You took an oath to protect the Rice Kingdom against foreign invaders.


As you roam the lands of the Rice Kingdom and experience more battles, your strength and skills improve.


Your loyal sidekick condiment will always be in battle by your side, growing together with you and helping to collect the spoils of battle."


"Compete in seasonal clan wars, level up for leaderboard dominance, and win exclusive rewards. Join daily raids, summon bosses, and collaborate for rewards in fast-paced summoner-led battles. Outwit others in a strategic countdown. Be the final depositor before time expires to claim all rewards. Challenge opponents daily to withdraw tokens. Win by strategy and luck with a 60% chance for higher level Samurais. Test your luck with each flip. Set up or join matches for a chance to double your stake. It’s all about riding the waves of fate."


"Verichains was responsible for the audit and missed the exploit. They let the contract go live with an infinite mint exploit."


"The token contract has a bug where transferring your entire balance to yourself doubles it."


"Blast L2-based game Super Sushi Samurai's LP drained $4.8m in contract bug exploit shortly after its launch, and the price dropped 99.9%."


"SSS exploited on blast for ~$4.8m"


"Pausing token transfers and investigating" "We have been exploited, it's mint related. We are still looking into the code. Tokens were minted and sold into the LP."


"Hi team, this is a whitehat rescue hack. Let's work on reimbursing the users. Please reach out via Blockscan chat from the SSS deployer 0x555b28f3b8b3b8ebd1b06997c2078fd94529f555 on Ethereum mainnet."


"Hello white hat, We have reached out to you on Blockscan. Thank you for cooperating with us."

Super Sushi Samurai (SSS) offers a complete on-chain experience, allowing players to own a piece of the game, collect player tax and game store revenue, and participate in daily and growth quests to unlock exclusive NFT legend skins. Set in the chaotic period of Mizu-Edo, players assume the role of a Sushi Samurai in the Rice Kingdom, embarking on a journey to protect their land and improve their skills through battles. However, the game faced an exploit shortly after its launch on the Blast L2 network, resulting in a significant loss of funds. Despite this setback, the team is investigating and working on reimbursing affected users with the help of a white hat hacker, who reportedly did the hack to rescue the majority of the funds.

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