$8 000 USD





"Stake.com is a worldwide leader in crypto gambling with one of the best casino and sports betting platforms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Leading the crypto casino industry since 2017, Stake presents a trusted gambling platform that promotes an incredible casino experience for betting online and is available globally in 15 languages."


"As the biggest crypto casino in the world, Stake.com has grown to become a trusted name in the online gambling industry. With over 65 billion bets in 2022, Stake offers a platform for crypto betting that takes the most gambling action from cryptocurrencies."


From Virginia. or Windsor Ontario. or Calgary.


"I got phished for like 9k usd in ltc from a crypto gambling site. it was all winnings but it sucked"


"click a claim bonus link that looked like stake. pretty sure someone sent me a phoshing link right after I was posting in chat about my big win. thought it was a bonus from 10k race pr something. and of course I logged in. support obviously couldn't do Anything cause obviously they can't just give money to everyone to says they got scammed. idk why I'm writing this just heads up to anyone to double check everything I guess. not sure what to do now other than cry."


"some more context. the email showed up at right as the daily race ended. it was in my inbox not my junk mail. I had just won big and wasn't thinking clearly pr else perhaps I might have second guessed. i had like 3 or 4 legit stake emails in the mix so I don't know why I just took it at face value."


"didn't have 2fa. the email was stake@rewards.com"


"on dehashed. pretty sure he connected my username to my email through leaked database shit. I looked up my username and found linked email and an old password."

Stake.com is a prominent crypto gambling platform recognized globally for its casino and sports betting options using cryptocurrencies. Established in 2017, it offers a reliable and enjoyable gambling experience in 15 languages. Reddit user Advanced_Ad3497 shared a story of losing around $9,000 in LTC (Litecoin) due to a phishing link that resembled Stake's website. They received an email after a successful bet and clicked on a bonus link, thinking it was legitimate. Despite having communicated with legitimate Stake emails, they fell victim to the phishing attempt. The user's lack of 2-factor authentication (2FA) and the use of a suspicious email address (stake@rewards.com) were contributing factors. They suspect their information was exposed in a database leak, leading to this unfortunate incident.

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