$520 000 USD

MARCH 2024




"Solareum Bot - Unlock access to cutting-edge crypto Telegram bots and token trading tools, complete with a profit-sharing feature for an enriched trading experience!"


"Faster Bots: Utilize rapid RPCs for instantaneous fetching. Dedicated process runner for every client ensures no lags or bottlenecks, providing seamless trading experiences."


"MEV (Miner Extractable Value) Protection: Secure your transactions from potential malicious activities. Achieve optimal trade execution without the fear of being front-run or having your transactions reordered."


"Bundle Transactions: Ideal for users with multiple wallets, this feature allows for the simultaneous sniping across various wallets. Ensures more extensive coverage and higher chances of securing the best trades."


"Private Transactions: Your privacy is our utmost concern. Execute trades without revealing your strategies or moves to the public, ensuring your transactions remain confidential and your trading strategies proprietary."


"With "Solareum Bot" you're not just using another trading tool; you're experiencing the future of crypto trading, designed to maximize profits, enhance privacy, and optimize user experience."


"Solareum Bot offers a revenue share program, which allows token holders to earn 60% of the fees paid to the bot."


"Just hold at least 5,000 $SOLAREUM token in the wallet. All eligible wallet will be qualified. Snapshot will be taken randomly during the week. Profits will be distributed towards users proportionally every Sunday. Any users who sell after the snapshot is taken won't be getting any revenue share."


"When you wish to send a transaction on any blockchain, you generate a transaction message that contains data like the recipient's address, the amount to be transferred, and other relevant details.


You sign the transaction with your private key to protect its integrity and legitimacy. Blockchains guarantee that only the owner of the private key may authorise and verify transactions linked with their wallet by requiring a private key to sign a transaction.


Solareum Bot needs a private key to buy, approve, sell, copy trade, and snipe. Your private key serves as a signer for Solareum Bot's transactions.


Metamask, which uses your browser's data storage to store your encrypted private keys, is a plausible comparison. Solareum Bot takes your encrypted private key from the safe environment, decrypts it internally, executes the job you've assigned it, then deletes the key from its cache for each activity that needs a private key.


Even without a wallet, you may use Solareum Bot as a research tool; however, functionality will be restricted to pasting and obtaining information regarding smart contracts."


"A: All of your wallet information is AES512 encrypted and stored in a secure environment."


"A: Solareum Bot research and design began in March 2023, active development began in April 2023, beta version was released on July 2023"


"SolareumWallet is designed to redefine the way Telegram users manage and interact with their cryptocurrency portfolios. Meticulously crafted to cater to both novice and expert users, this solution encapsulates versatility, security, and efficiency."


"When a user is new to Solareum Bot, it automatically creates a new wallet and sends the private key. This cannot be generated again, and wallets cannot be unlinked from Telegram accounts. The newly created wallet will support all available chains in Solareum Bot. Users can copy and utilize the private key just by clicking on it. While this private key can be imported to any wallet providers, such as MetaMask, we suggest users avoid doing so manually because our codebase contains all necessary functions and tracks the activities of these wallets used by Solareum Bot."


"Solareum, a Solana-based trading bot on Telegram, has announced it will be closing down.


The decision has been made due to the project's funding challenges and a security breach, which was tied to a drain of over 2,800 Solana (SOL), equivalent to approximately $520,000, affecting over 300 users."

The Solareum Project promised a set of trading tools for users to ensure private and efficient trading through their Telegram-based wallet. As part of the operation, users would provide Solareum with their private keys to store in a secure environment with AES512 encryption. Around the end of March 2023, users started to report that all of their funds had been drained from their wallets, consistent with an attacker who knew the private key. The Solareum Project has shut down, denying all allegations that they took the funds, and refusing to assist users beyond claims of reporting wallet addresses to centralized exchanges.

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