MARCH 2022




"Working nightshift, tired and got talked into putting my seed to this site that would connect my wallet and as soon as I did it, I [definitely] new straight away of [mistake] but it was to late..."


"I knew that [no one else ever needs my seed phrase] but it was very convincing"


"Hi people, got scammed last night as the headline states.


Not going to got into the nuts and bolts of what happened, but let's just say I fucked up and now I'm paying for it.


The question I have, is there a way to track and report the address that my OMI (the most I had) is/has been transferred into.


I did lose some ADA, VET only a couple of hundred tokens each, but mostly OMI token.


I've been on etherscan and have the wallet address.


Any help or advice is very appreciated. I know I won't get it back but need to report the wallet address.


Many thanks.


The address that's been transferring my coins into




", but hey it's done now, lesson learnt and I'll move on from this.."

Reddit user Billyfudpucker was still getting used to working the night shift and made a careless mistake entering his seed phrase into a website to connect his wallet. His funds of Cardano, VeChain, and OMI were stolen. There is no indication he was able to get any of them back.

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