"By multi-platinum hip-hop artist, Rich the Kid, RICH KIDS is a collection of 7,427 cartoon-styled, blockchain baby bad asses, that Plug Walks the trust fund lifestyle to the hood!


Each RICH KID NFT sports a randomized collection of the dopest drip, the coldest ice, and an assortment of hood essentials - ranging from kicks, to fresh fades, whips, dracos and more!"


"RICH KIDS NFT holders, collectively known as “Trust Fund Babies”, will participate in one of a kind utility - which includes participation in our community Trust Fund, a DAO that awards community-selected perks to qualified collectors, ranging from free NFTs, to free crypto, to one of a kind experiences, luxury goods, and even a producer credit on a forthcoming track!"


'' We Going Crazy, and Splashin the market with this one of a kind NFT collection, that brings the boujee trust fund lifestyle to the hood! ''


"RICH KIDS NFT’s will be made available for purchase on the RichKids.io platform, at a cost of 0.09 ETH per item, on Sunday September 26th, 2021 @ 9pmEST."


"20% of RICH KIDS NFT’s (1,485) will be made available for pre-sale to qualified community members on Sunday September 26th, 2021 @ 3pmEST."


"One lucky pre-sale NFT collector will win a ROLEX Watch (valued at $15K), selected at random."


"The remaining 80% of inventory (5,939) is made available to the general public."


"Following sell-out on main sale, we will award one lucky NFT holders with a ROLEX Watch (total value, approx. $15K)"


"Following purchase, all RICH KIDS NFTs will remain hidden, locked away in the ‘State Playpen’ – a maximum security crib – with no burner phone, and no contact to the outside world. 48hrs after the conclusion of the main sale, the RICH KIDS finish their bid, and will be set free (spawn)."


"With the RICH KIDS now back on the block, check your rarity scores on Opensea."


"For each of the first 30-days following conclusion of the Main Sale, @richthekid will change his IG profile picture to a different RICH KID, every single day – with each NFT image selected by our community DAO!"


"10% of Sales Proceeds will be re-invested into the Trust Fund Babies community DAO and allocated to various crypto projects based on community consensus – with returns split evenly amongst RICH KIDS NFT holders."


"Once 187 ETH in secondary sales occurs, we will airdrop 187 RICH KIDS wallet holders an NFT featuring hand written lyrics to a Rich The Kid track, digitally signed in Black, Silver or Gold."


"Summer AbroadOnce we reach 1,000 ETH in secondary sales, we will award one lucky NFT holder with an all expenses trip for two to Europe for 14-days, including flights, hotel and spending money."


"Every month, top 1% holders are entered into a draw to receive luxury goods."


"Once 2,500 ETH in secondary sales occur, one lucky RICH KIDS NFT holder (selected based on criteria formulated via DAO consensus) will be chosen to receive a producer credit on a future Rich The Kid track. The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip for them and a friend to attend a studio session, with a VIP Meet & Greet, and a special preview of the track that will forever bear their name (or Wallet ID!)."


"Once 4,000 ETH in secondary sales occurs, one lucky NFT Holder will win an official Rich the Kid, RICH KIDS Chain, valued at $100,000"


"Once 5,000 ETH in Secondary Sales occur, we will award one lucky NFT holder a brand new Maserati Ghibli."


"@richthekid did the same thing with his nft"


"What about that slimy POS @richthekid who made his own "nft project" then proceeded to abandon the entire thing before it even lifted off. Ripped off his own fans and investors and then gloated about it on social. People still follow this clown."

Hip hop artist Rich the Kid launched his own NFT collection - "7,427 cartoon-styled, blockchain baby bad asses, that Plug Walks the trust fund lifestyle to the hood!" Unfortunately, after the project launched, it appears that he abandoned it and his promises to initial investors. The website is presently offline. Rich The Kid remains active on his Twitter account. It doesn't appear that any justice has been brought forth.

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