$144 000 USD





"Reports of refi.finance exit scamming by calling a superuser function to change treasury boardroom implementation to steal 2600 BAS ($144K)."


"Weibo user “CryptoBlanker” broke the news: the refi.finance project party directly used the reserved setBoardroom() function to change the Boardroom address to the address it deployed. Light BAS was taken away 2,600, worth 111 ETH (about 144,000 US dollars)."


"He mentioned the project in his previous Weibo: refi.finance can use the share of three algorithmic stable coins to mine. The project needs to call the exitBoradRoom() function to end mining after each phase (every 6 hours) ends, and then call depositBoradRoom() to start the next round of mining. Only in the interval between the above two operations, users can access their own shares. That is to say, if the owner does not want to maintain the project one day, no one can retrieve their own shares."

ReFi Finance appears to have fully disappeared with user's funds. It's not clear what the contract originally did.

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