"About five to 10 minutes, that’s how long investigators with the Pleasant Hill Police Department say it took to break into a liquor store and remove an ATM machine that was secured to the floor." "It happened Monday just before 5 a.m. at Value Wine and Spirits store on Gregory Lane."


"Three unidentified burglars attached some kind of cable to the rear of a white van and connected the other end to the front doors of the store and accelerated to break in, shattering the glass of one of the doors and destroying the door frame in the process.


Once inside, the burglars used the same method to forcibly remove the ATM machine from its secured foundation.


After gaining possession of the ATM, the burglars traveled about a half-mile on Gregory Lane where they dumped the white van, which police say was later reported to be a stolen vehicle. "


Despite being rare in Pleasant Hill, the sophistication of the burglary suggests a well-organized crew, prompting authorities to review surveillance footage for leads and urge anyone with information to come forward.

In Pleasant Hill, California, just before 5 a.m. at the Value Wine and Spirits store on Gregory Lane, a trio of burglars used a stolen white van to forcibly enter the premises, attaching a cable to the van to break through the glass doors. Once inside, they swiftly removed the ATM machine from its secured position and fled with it in the van, later abandoning the vehicle about a half-mile away. The stolen ATM was an electronic cryptocurrency machine. The exact amount of stolen bitcoins and cash remain unknown, and police are investigating the incident.

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