$121 000 USD





"I am a little bit older and new." "I am new and older generation." "It was 10 years that I collect the money for my future and for my friend and old mother." "I have been collecting this money for 10 years for retirement."


"90k of HEX." "I send ETH to my Metamask wallet and by HEX, than I try to stake HEX in 365 day some HEX but nothing happens 7 days."


"[T]han all HEX gone." "[M]y Metamask vas hacked and it is gone." "I can see transaction from my account to some another account. I didnt do this, and I have phrases and pass[words]. That day my computer was turned off all day. I dont know what to do, what is happened."


"I tried to stake HEX but all is gone. I never ever [I] never gave keys or data and [I] don't know if this happened." "How can I contact Metamask or HEX? Am I currently steaking some HEX are they can take that away from me as well?"


"I can see the wallet but how can I send it back the last 3 transactions I didn['t] do. I am new in crypto I dont know what to do. 1 day ago I was on travel and my compute[r] wasn[']t [even] turned on. [In] my Metamask wallet you can see last 4 transactions."


"Hello, your post was removed because your account is less than 60 days old or you do not have the required 500 comment karma to make post submissions."

Reddit user Pixel-Track introduces themselves as someone from an older generation who is not experienced with cryptocurrency. They reported that they did not share their seed phrase or private key with anyone, however they were attempting to stake their HEX tokens and this was not successful. They report that their funds were taken without authorization. Their wallet shows a transfer of 812,058.73040511 HEX tokens (worth $120,952.02 USD at the time) on April 13th, just prior to their reported post.


Their Reddit post was removed due to a lack of comment karma before they could be helped in any way by the cryptocurrency community.


While the exact method is unknown, it seems very likely that their method of storing their seed phrase was not secure. They may also have interacted with an attack website and provided this information, and forgotten the specific details.


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