$155 000 USD

JUNE 2021




Teresa Jackson was a retired teacher from Portishead, Somerset. The 63-year-old got impressed by a Bitcoin investment plan advertised on Instagram and started contemplating whether to place some of her funds in it.


Shortly after entering the mysterious project, she was contacted by an individual who claimed to be a financial advisor with substantial knowledge about Bitcoin. The anonymous man supposedly sounded very thrust-worthy and persuaded Jackson to invest £120,000, which was actually her pension pot and life savings.


She sent the money and tried to check what happened with her investment. Unfortunately, there was no answer from the “advisor,” and the funds were irrevocably gone:


“I felt embarrassed and stupid. My family trusted me to know what I was doing. I am on Universal Credit now, simple as that. I’m comfortable but I can’t have the life I used to have.”


Ms. Jackson received back half of her money from her bank when she informed them about the scam. However, the institution was unable to restore the full amount because she transferred the cash herself.


"Retired teacher Teresa Jackson has been forced to go on to Universal Credit after the fraudsters took all of her pension pot and life savings."

Retired teacher Teresa Jackson believed she had met a highly credible expert with significant knowledge in bitcoin. After investing £120,000 ($155k USD) this individual went silent and she realized that she had been scammed. She got back half of her money from her bank.

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