$172 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"Speculate on Rising & Falling Real Estate Markets"


"Driven by Parcl Labs, Parcl price indexes are meticulously crafted from vast real estate data reservoirs, encompassing millions of data points from cities across the globe. As leaders in real estate analytics, Parcl Labs continually refines and recalibrates to ensure each index mirrors real-time, city-specific real estate values down to the median price per square foot. At Parcl, our commitment goes beyond numbers; it's about offering a transparent, authentic, and tradable view of the global urban landscape's evolving pulse."


"Fake PRCL on the BNB Chain appears to have exit scammed, resulting in a 100% price drop and causing losses exceeding $100,000."


"1. Approximately $800k was lost due to rugpulls on the BNB Chain. These included fake tokens of PRCL, VDZ, and more."


"Apr 15 20:06:40 sell $0.0₁₀8617 $172,350.50 0.0₁₂1573 2,000,000,029,277,270"

Parcl Labs offers real estate price index tokens for portfolio diversification. A fake PRCL token was traded on the Binance Smart Chain, which allowed the creater to rug pull $172k. There doesn't appear to be much investigation thus far.

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