$128 000 USD

JUNE 2022




"Decentralized high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain for developers"


"Every job you do will benefit you for life."


"Any enterprise or company can use decentralized autonomy to keep running smoothly."


"In the future, companies will no longer exist, and all economic activities will benefit from a new decentralized and autonomous organizational model of co-governance for life."


"All this is becoming a reality."


"A group of blockchain spiritual geeks from various well-known universities, determined to rely on the shib consensus and the concept of creating a new production relationship in human society, to create a new public chain that is subversive in the times, fully open source and decentralized community autonomy - PANDORA Chain DAO. Make Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) a reality."


"Try to record everyone's efforts and services on the blockchain in an immutable way and save them forever. The value and results contributed by each person are in the DAO, benefiting a lifetime token. This is a new incentive method, a brand-new organizational form, and will surely become an organizational model of new production relations that promotes future social development. Let us create the ideal planet of PANDORA together."


"The PANDORA Chain DAO project was initiated by a group of students who believe in freedom and autonomy. It aims to establish a public chain that operates decentralized and autonomously under completely open, fair and just rules."


"PCD is the only token of the PANDORA Chain DAQ public chain. Everything is built on smart contracts, and all open source (reviewable) codes are reviewed by well-known auditing agencies."


"The initial issue price of the DAO Foundation smart contract is a constant 1.3 million shib. The contract shib can only be exchanged for the equivalent shib by destroying the PCD. It is impossible for any third party to use the funds of the DAO contract"


"There are no public offerings, private placements, airdrops, and genesis circulation for PCD tokens. The generation of all PCD tokens is based on the issuance of smart contracts based on global mutual assistance and autonomy."


"Ideal of CO sponsors (developers): make decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) a reality, try to record everyone's efforts and services on the blockchain in an tamper proof way, and permanently save < br > the value and achievements contributed by everyone in the Dao, It is a new incentive method, a new decentralized and highly autonomous organizational form, and will also become an organizational model of new production relations to promote the development of society in the future"


"This team will run their second #presale at 15:00 on May 19 and aim to provide the daily return of 10%"


"Beosin EagleEye monitored that @pandorachainDAO $PCD was under a flashloan price manipulation attack, with a loss of 128,222 $USDT. The stolen funds currently stay at the hacker's address." "PandoraDAO was hacked for 128,222 $USDT. The hacker manipulated the $PCD price through flashloan to get a large amount of PCD locked tokens, then unlocked the PCD tokens multiple times and swapped for $USDT."


"Step 1: Prepare for price manipulation by flashloaning a large amount of $USDT from the USDT-PCD contract."


"Step 2: Call the shouchan function in the PCDNFT contract and swap 126 $USDT for 869,241,168,220 PCDs to lock up the position."


"As the shouchan function gets the price of $PCD by calculating the balance of the current tokens in the USDT-PCD contract, the PCD price reaches an extremely low value after step 1, and the hacker can exchange a small amount of $USDT for a large amount of $PCD locked tokens."


"Step 3: Unlock the PCD tokens and swap them for USDT."

The Pandora Chain DAO claimed to be launched by students at various well-known universities and promised a high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain for developers with an impressive website and slide deck. Despite their smart contract being audited, it was drained of $128k USD via a price manipulation exploit on June 22nd, 2022. It is unclear if any compensation was made to investors, and the website is presently offline and the team does not appear to have updated their Twitter since before the incident.

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