$302 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"AI inference powered by decentralized compute Oasis is an omnichannel AI network with services for compute providers, AI model users, and enterprise clients"


"Quickly install and begin providing compute through our easy-to-use browser extension.


Unleash the potential of AI models at a minimal cost. Connect, create, and even earn with our unique platform. The Oasis platform offers AI services such as chat assistants, image generators, and speech to text. Users can earn $OAI by connecting to our network and leveraging existing GPU and CPU resources to power supported models."


"Users can quickly and efficiently access top models across LLM's, Image gens, and other AI tools at their fingertips through our Oasis platform. As open-source models continue to improve at a rapid pace, our decentralized network allows Oasis to continue providing inference at scale with frequent updates to our offerings for consumers. "


"Through our browser extension and desktop run-time, users can quickly onboard, schedule, and provide compute at their convenience without any barriers or continued maintenance. Simply signup, install, and begin contributing to the largest decentralized compute network. "


"Fake Oasis AI on ETH is suspected of a rug pull, with the deployer removing substantial liquidity, causing a 100% price decline."


"Be aware of this token! Team of this token has sold at least 85.382 ETH."

Oasis AI is a tool that allows individuals to get paid for putting their GPU to use in generating AI images or responses for other users, and to purchase the computing power of others in the network. This is made easy to do through a browser extension. A fake token which was impersonating the Oasis AI project was launched and managed to build up 82 ETH of liquidity before the creator of the token drained it all.

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