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JULY 2011




“MyBitcoin was a user-friendly wallet platform catering mostly to crypto newbies interested in buying bitcoin for the first time. Dozens of users flocked to the platform in its early days.” "MyBitcoin built its reputation by providing a free, user-friendly service targeted at newbie Bitcoin buyers. It collected scores of users, including Bitcoin evangelist and host of The Bitcoin Show Bruce Wagner…”

It seems like they never reached any agreement on who was behind the service. The official stories about what happened do not appear to hold together. There was nobody held to account in the end. Simple public registration of exchanges would prevent this. Some sources report that the exchange went into receivership and half of the funds were ultimately recovered, though I was not able to confirm this.


This is a case where simply knowing who's holding the funds and storing them properly offline with multiple signatures would have avoided the issues.


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