APRIL 2022




"Muon Network Decentralize all Off-Chain Components of your dApp. Verify, process & access your critical app-data on a permissionless oracle network and enjoy its fast modular security architecture."


"Data feeds provided by oracles are vulnerable to attacks and manipulation. The server on which an oracle component is run may be hacked and the private key used to sign data feeds can be abused to feed manipulated data to the smart contract. This is why, in addition to developing a simple oracle function, dApps need to deal with implementing solutions for complicated security issues."


"As a viable alternative, dApps can focus on the development of the oracle function as a Muon app and depend on the multi-layer security scheme that Muon has devised. In simple words, a Muon app refers to an oracle app that is deployed and runs on the Muon network to fetch and process data and generate an output that can be fed to a smart contract reliably."


"Dont interact with that token in any way, I am digging into it. Sophisticated scam."


"This $MUON airdrop is scam."


"The supply was changed to 1B lately, details matter."

Muon Network offers a solution for decentralized applications (dApps) to move their off-chain components to a decentralized environment. There have been concerns raised about a token claiming to be Muon, a sophisticated scam. They also noted changes in the token's supply on the new token, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to such details.

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