$62 500 000 USD

MARCH 2024




"It's time to restore reality Oops. We blasted the peaceful world of the Munchables out of existence. The clans are now divided between ethereal realms. Our mission is to reunite them."


"Munchables is a twist on GameFi that adds evolving NFTs into the mix. The game is built on top of Blast leveraging its unique on-chain primitives to create an incentive filled journey for all players."


"Every day your Munchables can unlock rewards, such as:


Schnibbles Your Munchable's favourite snack! Use this to feed and evolve your Munchables.


Munch points Native points that can only be earned through strategic Munching.


Blast points Keep earning your Blast points even after depositing into the lockdrop.


Blast gold Proportional allocation to our Blast developer airdrop based on your Snuggery performance.


Blast airdrop Munchables were a winner in the Blast Big Bang competition, we will be airdropping those additional rewards."


"It's schnibble time Dive deeper into the realms of the Munchables. Learn how to nurture them, level up, and unlock their true potential. But beware of the cute - they are not all as harmless as they seem."


"Four different devs hired by the Munchables team and linked to the exploiter are likely all the same person"


"The Blast L2 Big Bang award-winning project Munchables was exploited for $62.5M by a rogue dev. Funds retrieved from dev within a few hours in a rollercoaster ride of a day."


"Munchables has been compromised. We are tracking movements and attempting to stop the the transactions. We will update as soon as we know more."


"We can confirm that the full refund distribution process has now been completed.


Next up is processing the Blast rewards to all OG lockdrop players.


Then, we begin the next chapter.


Get ready to Munch"

Munchables was an NFT game built on the Blast blockchain. Shortly after the project had garnered a significant investment, it was found that one of the developers had created and exploited a back door allowing them the ability to withdraw all of the funds. After some heated coaxing, the developer was ultimately found to be willing to return all of the funds.

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