$130 000 USD

APRIL 2021




"Moose.Money is a new yield platform on Binance Smart Chain, where the community earns all the platform’s fees!"


"Presale members and token holders earn BNB + BUSD fees from the yield farm." "By participating in the Moose.Money presale you automatically earn the title “Super Moose”, which entitles you to several awesome bonuses and earning potential."


"Other ways to earn the platform’s fees (BNB + BUSD) is to simply hold MOOSE tokens in your wallet for longer than 72 hours without transferring or selling them! We have put this in place to create a sustainable yield platform with a vibrant community of holders!" "That means, every day the fees from Moose.Money get distributed to holders, believers in the community."


"A "HODL Moose" is a user who has held at least 1 MOOSE token in his wallet without selling/sending it for 72 hours. All the site's fees are distributed to this class of users, each and every day! - As long as you remain a "HODL Moose""


"The moment this user either sells or transfers any MOOSE tokens from the wallet, the "HODL Moose" title is lost and that user now needs to hold for 72 more hours before he can claim daily rewards again." "The more MOOSE tokens a HODL Moose is holding, the larger the share of the daily rewards!"


"By participating in the Moose presale (11th of April, 15:00 CET) a user will forever have the title "Super Moose"." "A "Super Moose" has the same privilege as a "HODL Moose" (earns daily BNB + BUSD rewards) but with the extra bonus: the "Super Moose" class earns ALL the transaction fees on the platform (2%)" "This means all the fees generated on the Moose.Money yield farm will be claimable from DAY 1 by this class of users." "Additionally, the 2% transfer/sell tax on the MOOSE token is sent to a reward pot which is distributed among the SUPER MOOSE users!"


"There will be an audit before farming begins, and 80% of liquidity will be locked through DXSale for maximum security, for 6 months."


"Link between MOOSE MONEY (SCAM) and MOZART FINANCE" "Transaction from Mozart Deployer to MOOSE Token Contract creator."


"MOOSE.money was a RUG, we are on to hunt them down!" "They stole at least 290 BNB, maybe more. It's ~130,000$." "They promised a farm, with initial investors gaining added bonuses. 1 week later, a day before the supposed farm, they rugged."

Moose Money was a supposed yield farm launched by anonymous developers, suspected to be run by the same individual(s) as Mozart Finance. The team promised a large yield farm, and then rug pulled the day before it was supposed to launch.

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