$110 000 USD

APRIL 2021




"The next generation BNB Yield Protocol." "Moonhere brings the newest and revolutionary mechanism to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Earn $BNB just by holding $MORE token while Stake $BNB to earn more reward. 6,000+ Holders Right Now." "MoonHERE will be fairlaunch at 20/4 0700 AM UTC."


"Buy here (recommend 11.5%-13% slippage)." "[V]erified contract." "LP lock proof." "Burn 15% of total token." "This is the 5% txn tax and our lp token is automatically locked. We will not and CANNOT rug. If in doubt, please try to deploy liquidity and then swap back to test."


"For only 8 hours, we have already reached 7000+ holder. Thanks everyone! We have some maintenance chores to do and also updated some useful link, including Audit report. in docs. We will have more promotions incoming."


"WarOnRug claims this guy drained 300 BNB from reward pool. If you check on the transactions you can see this guy split his moonrat into several contract for selling them at the same time. He didn't claim any BNB from the reward pools. It is all his possessed moonrat dumping. We double checked the contract and everything is automated, no value can be modified through external. Your fund is SAFU!"


"Community alert published on https://certik.org about a project called Moonhere that is likely to exit scam once the pre-sale ends. Investigation indicates that the scam group behind may be identical to Cryptoption (alerted before). Please do not engage and stay vigilant."


"Lol, they have'nt a presale its pure community fairlaunch." "They are fairlaunch not presale lmao, what a joke again?" "There was no pre-sale it was fair launch? @certikorg please double or triple check again." "There was no pre-sale ... I don't understand what they're talking about! Well I think CERTIK no longer even knows what it checks ..." "Let's mass report certik" "Certik now not just a paid auditor, also paid fudder" "Unfollow done stupid certik!!!!"


"To avoid confusion, Moonhere is running a fair launch, but similar to the Cryptoption Exit Scam, users’ #BNB will be sent to the below unverified contract via its dApp. The evidence shows that Moonhere is associated with the same group behind Cryptoption."


"The screenshot shows that users funds collected through Moonhere’s fair launch will be sent to [an] unverified contract. Cryptoption Exit Scam, associated with Moonhere, also collected users’ funds through an unverified contract."


"Two hours after CertiK’s first alert, Moonhere has drained ~$110,000 worth of #BNB (192.74) from the fair-launch contract. CertiK will continue to monitor the situation."


"[M]e and my friend were scammed 5bnb. and a lot of people have been scammed tens of thousands of dollars."

Moonhere used the right buzzwords, claiming to be a fair launch, audited, and incapable of rugging. Despite the warnings from CertiK, many participants even still denied the concerns. Shortly thereafter, $110k of liquidity was pulled from the contract. The website and social media are gone.


Having independent reviews required for a project to launch can easily prevent cases like this.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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