"Monkey Kingdom is one of the known “Bluechip” projects in Solana NFT space, currently sitting at 45 SOL FP, but reaching the floor price up to 100 SOL (~$18,000)."


"Monkey Kingdom's first collection (Gen 1) - 2,222 uniquely generated 32x32 pixels NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Daily $PEACH token airdrop, staking, breeding, metaverse development and real world exclusive meet-ups and merch collabs. Gen 2 - Diamond Baepes (on Solana) Gen 3 - Monkey Legends (on Ethereum)"


"There was a scheduled party with Steve Aoki to celebrate the new minting collection."


"After investigation, we have confirmed a hack happened during our presale minting session causing some people being able to mint more than 1 Baepe. We'll follow up the situation with the procedures below:"


"1) ALL Minted Baepes will be refunded, when it is sent back to us." "2) The entirety of the current set will be cancelled, we will launch a new identical collection of Baepes." "3) ALL whitelisted wallets will be airdropped one Baepe from the new collection (1301 wallets in total)." "4) The rest will follow the procedure as usual (i.e. 3-to-1 Aurdrops, Main Sale)." "5) 1 mint per wallet in the Main Sale will be removed." "The old collection will not be verified and will not be tradeable / viewable on any marketplaces."

The Monkey Kingdom NFT project reported that there was a "hack" which happened during their presale, allowing some users to mint more than 1 Baepe. They proceeded to relaunch a new collection, and promised to reimburse all participants in the original collection. The Tweet was later deleted and the outcome is unclear.

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