$25 000 USD





"Minion Farm is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) farming platform which is a community centered project and Minion Farm token is MNNF. Minion Farm is a project by the people and for the people thats why we dont hold any presale for this project. So how do you can get MNNF token? Because we don’t do any presale, so you can get it by visit uniswap and buying it from there, because we will deploy it on Uniswap, so the value of MNNF token is defined by the contribution and innovation of the people."


"Under 10k marketcap. Liq[uidity] locked. Token ownership transferred. Farming contract timelocked 1 hours ago => so no rug possible now. Slow farming (7 $MNNF per block) - Initial supply = 100k, 7k farmed in 4 hours, so total supply now is 107k. Possible to get a good amount of tokens right now for a cheap price[.] I'm not a dev or admin though, just bought some because I like minions and saw a good opportunity."


"A lot of people have sent me a message after reading our medium post about Minion Farm. A bunch of them were not satisfied about the 5x reward allocation for the main pool (MNNF/ETH). I appreciate your concern, and being grateful for your suggestion. I understand that without public critics and suggestion this project would never grow further and better."

Minion Farm was a liquidity pool/farm allowing exchange between other tokens like Ethereum, and the Minion Farm token. There were no other pairs. The project was heavily launched and promoted for all of 2 days before the administration team abandoned it. In this case, the website went offline, but the Twitter and Medium articles remained, and of course the contract technically still exists.


It is highly unlikely that any centralized platform would include this token, given the premise, dependence on a centralized platform, and short duration of existence. No assets were lost aside from the vast drop in price of the Minion Farm token relative to other crypto-assets.


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