MAY 2022




"Can anyone please help?!?!?! My MM account was hacked. I lost everything!!!!"


"Can you connect with me on DM? I bought your Lazy Lion and didn’t know your account was hacked or compromised. Happy to sell it back to you as i see you flagged it with @opensea and now it doesn’t allow me to sell it."


"It happened to me. I bought a stolen NFT shortly after it was transferred, listed and then sold to me with NO knowledge it was stolen. ETH spent and a day later it was flagged by @opensea. Solution: found the original owner and gave it back! Be safe out there."

NFT enthusiast and collector Michael Bode saw all of his NFTs lost after his wallet was drained, which he attributes to a MetaMask breach. One of the NFTs was purchased by another user MrRayG for 0.9 ETH, and MrRayG returned the NFT for free after it was flagged on the OpenSea platform. Some NFTs remained in the wallet and were transferred to a new ethereum address. It is still being investigated what happened to the other NFTs.

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