$3 000 USD

APRIL 2021




"i live in germany by the way"


"well i used metamask and i really regret it, my account was hacked and i cannot understand how did they do that cuz i m always carefull about security.


the hacker has sent 1,3 eth to another wallet and i tracked the distribution of my stolen money. the funny thing is that the hacker have did an exchange into real money. please i need your experience and your help. and even if its impossible to get my money back,can someone tell me how do they did it ( its not about phishing ). anyway im still alive and thats matter."


"Best course of action is to follow the funds and report those wallets associated with them to the CEX they deposited it in. Also alert other cex of these wallets. Hope that helps in finding some solace in this tragedy"


"My guess that its random phrase generators that are populating. Yours happen to be one, having a hardware wallet like Trezor or ledger is vital for security. Dont give these scum any more help. Protect your money like its YOUR LIFE!!"


"Contact the exchange. You may need to have a a lawyer or police officer help you with that." "sure i did, it take a while they said"

Reddit user Wal_gh reports that 1.3 ETH was taken from their MetaMask wallet. The attacker attempted to cash out the funds on another exchange platform. The exact cause is unknown.

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