$88 000 USD

JULY 2022




"Im completely devastated. I honestly have no idea how or when my metamask or laptop got compromised. To think i was planning to get a hardware wallet. Not even in the mood to write anything. My life was already going backwards and now this. Any ideas on what i should do. Also If someone can shed some light on the situation.All the transaction on the 12th of July werent mine."


"Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s true. However the risk/reward should line up. If a lot is at stake, then having safeguards and back ups are useful.


No one expects anyone to be perfect, that’s why people and companies compensate in other areas. Insurance is another such backup plan.


Making a mistake is human, but not being prepared is simply folly. And the first step towards avoiding mistakes is to acknowledge you can make them. To admit you’re not perfect, and then plan for it.


The people who just go “why bother planning, yolo!” Are the ones who get screwed over the most. And that recklessness should be called out and corrected."


OP that's so rough! I'm so sorry for you man, such a [horrible] situation. It's gonna be devastating, but you're just going to have to move on. Easier said than done, but you have no other choice. Best of luck to you in life man, things will work out.

Setana0 reported that $88k worth of funds were stolen from their MetaMask account. It appears that their wallet was somehow compromised. As there is no evidence of a smart contract approval being involved, it is most likely due to a seed phrase stored insecurely.

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