$3 000 USD

MARCH 2021




"I was hacked at 4:58 am I barely had any ethereum in my account to make a swap and yet they managed to complete 3 transactions. I need help please I will split the profits of whatever I get back with whoever can recover them if not MetaMask please let me know how we can fix this together"


"Yep definitely the hacker That the address my funds were sent to"


"Like yea here’s my seed phrases so u can hack my thousands"


"Nothing you can do but monitor the activities. You can go to etherscan and see where the funds get cashed out on. Then afterwards contact the exchange about the hackers activities. Make sure you have evidence, but i reported two of them on Binanace and no one responded to me. So dont get your hopes up"




"Either MetaMask buys by back my stolen crypto or I will make sure this goes public to where I find the address of the person who created MetaMask"


"I know I’m just trying not to sweat the loss but I know it’s gone at this point I mean the sad part is that a bunch of other people had the same thing happen to them today and this prior week and they actually depended on that money know what I’m saying if we could team up as community and make sure this is made aware and we can work on preventing it from happening is a start instead of just crying about the loss"


"Warning! There are reports that the Xbase team has deleted the website and social media accounts. Please exercise caution when interacting with this address."

User ICEINTHENICE suffered a breach of their MetaMask wallet, and thousands of dollars in three tokens were taken from the wallet.

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