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Having started as 9GAG in 2008, Memeland now invites people to join and contribute to their community and company through blockchain technology[1]. "We joined 500 Startups in 2011, raised seed funding, joined Y Combinator in 2012, and never stopped shipping."[1] Memeland NFT is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs (Profile Picture Frames)[2] initiated by 9GAG as they venture into the web3 space[3]. Memeland joined OpenSea in June 2022[4]. Memeland NFTs can be purchased on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2[3].


9GAG, based in Hong Kong, has a massive global audience of over 200 million[2] on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok[3]. Multiple famous celebrities and investors are involved in the project, such as Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Ma[3], and Hong Kong tycoon Adrian Cheng[2]. Memeland NFT is comparable to successful projects like Moonbirds, Invisible Friends, CloneX, Doodles, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), with similarities in having a company behind it, token systems, metaverse land, celebrity involvement, Web2 experience, and building an NFT ecosystem[2].


Memeland is a venture studio focusing on web3 and building social products for communities[1]. 9GAG aims to make the world happier with Memeland NFT as its first collection[2]. Memeland's mission is to empower creators by connecting web2 and web3 communities[2]. The project revolves around the concept of finding Memeland, a legendary treasure island known for its glory, fortune, love, and the best memes[3]. They aim to connect creators and communities through creativity, the $MEME token, and NFTs[1].


$MEME is the governance token and the core component of the Memeland ecosystem[3]. $MEME is earned through holding, staking, creating content, and playing in the Memeland metaverse[2]. The main characters of the Memeland ecosystem are the Memeland Captains, a collection of 9,999 PFP NFTs that provide long-term $MEME token rewards, exclusive event access, and club memberships[3].


Memeland offers various utilities to its PFP holders, including private club membership, exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace, real-life events, and upcoming projects[2]. The distribution of the Memeland PFPs includes 6,900 winners from the 9GAG and partners allowlist, 3,000 winners from the public allowlist raffle, and 99 allocated to the Memeland Treasury[2]. The article mentions the blind auction for "YOU THE REAL MVP," which allows the community to set the price[2]. The final price reached 5.3 ETH, and holders of this NFT receive additional utilities[2]. Holders of Memeland PFPs have full commercial art rights for the Memeland PFPs they own and Memeland receives 6.9% of all secondary sales[2].


9GAG emphasize under-promising and over-delivering, acknowledging that they don't know how big Memeland will become but promising to give their best[1]. The $MEME token is a meme coin without utility, a roadmap, promises, or financial return expectations, solely focusing on memes[1][5][6]. 9GAG has chosen not to provide a specific roadmap for the project but focuses on their mission to connect web2 and web3 and empower creators[3]. While it lacks a traditional roadmap, its mission and strong backing are speculated to provide the potential for significant growth[2].


"4 days ago I bought an @memeland MVP for 16ETH because I'm a big fan of #9gag—then I was told it was stolen. I sold it back at cost to the owner after @9gagceo connected us (floor is now 29ETH). I still feel great about doing the right thing and will ride my potatoz to the moon."

Memeland, which started as 9GAG, is a web3 project offering Memeland NFTs, a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled Profile Picture Frames (PFPs). The owner of MVP #76 reported it stolen, and it was sold back to them at cost by an individual who purchased it.

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