APRIL 2024




"Mars Token will be officially launched at 13:14 (UTC+8) on April 16 and will be available for trading on Pancakeswap."


"MARS has triggered a circuit breaker mechanism due to a large number of token purchases by a large number of people. The data is still being checked. Please wait patiently for the notification of opening trading. The funds in the pool are currently safe."


"MARS has experienced abnormal fluctuations. After investigation, it was found that it was caused by some communities collectively running away from the market, not technical loopholes or malicious technical behavior. We will release the next market plan as soon as possible."


"After communication between the DAO community and the technical team, it was decided to give players who held MARS tokens before 18:30 on April 23 a snapshot of new tokens in the air to compensate for some of their losses."


"The targets of this snapshot airdrop are users who hold MARS tokens before 18:30 on April 23. Users who buy or mint after 18:30 will not be able to receive the airdrop."


"The snapshot airdrop work has not been completed yet. It is necessary to download all transaction data on the chain and roll back to read qualified users before the airdrop can be carried out. The workload is huge and it will take time. Please wait patiently."

The Mars Token protocol launched on April 15th, and quickly faced a market attack. The exact amount taken by the exploiter is still being calculated, and the team has asked the public to have patience.

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