$8 000 USD

JULY 2019




"Over $8000 w[orth] of ETH and ETC vanishes from my Ledger and @Ledger turned me off."


"If you use @evernote and you have a @Huawei phone you can be compromised....Losing almost $20k has opened my eyes." "We believe the recent update that occurred on @binance and @Binance_DEX which added BEP8 to platform could have led to the compromise."


"Only if I could get back my 43ETH that stolen from me via hackers in 2019. At the time it was worth $8,000 today it's worth $70,000. I will overcome." "I was the second highest holder of CBM Coin with a little over 455million coins. And this individual began to sell of all my coins into BNB coin. @cz_binance @TrustWalletApp"


"We noticed the same individual could had previously hacked a different account before mine. I would appreciate if this could be looked into. @cz_binance @TrustWalletApp @Binance_DEX" "As we speak he still holds 217million of my CBM coins and has placed a sell order on those coins, see attached image for proof. @cz_binance @TrustWalletApp"


"This life, I got hacked should feel down, lost lots of cash but I hear a story of a friend not doing well, I still had compassion and sent him some money."

On July 28th, 2019, the Ledger user Olusegun Alabi lost over 43 ETH, worth $8000 at the time. It's unclear how this compromise happened. Typically, this type of thing would happen through entering the seed phrase on a third party phishing website.

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