APRIL 2019




"On April 4th my ledger was connected to my computer and I logged in to metamask to do a transaction. When I was connected I was shocked to see all of my crypto missing. I went to Etherscan and traced the addresses and contacted iDEX and Binance as the crypto was sent to those exchanges and well ForkDelta (obviously gone as its a DEX). iDEX was able to freeze the person's exchange account bit I did not get back any of it, and well Binance support basically brushed me off and told me to contact my local law enforcement for assistance....really! I am really shocked at what has happened because no one has access to my ledger or phrase."


"I had a similar issue last year using chrome. Lost a significant amount of crypto on one of my Ledgers. @Ledger did respond, @idexio assisted and @binance brushed me off though I provided a significant amount of information showing the tokens sent to the exchange."


"@cz_binance Please improve your support. Some crypto was stolen from my wallet and sent to Binance & Idex. I sent all details (addresses, txs etc.) to support who kept replying to seek help from the police, yet @Aurora_dao was able to freeze their account with the info provided."


"This same thing happened to me last month with no recourse. Plugged on my ledger (bought directly from them) and immediately fell sick to see all my crypto gone. I'm not using those again. Would love to see @Ledger get involved."


"It's quite easy to brush off the issue and say, "go to the police," when it is clear that the most police services (depending on where you live) do not know anything about crypto or can help in any way. A little consideration can go a long way, but I am no whale so...I guess not."

CVHodl had his funds taken from his Ledger, and it appears he was unable to recover them. It is unclear how much was lost, and the exact nature of the attack. Generally, most cases involve the user being phished to provide their seed phrase.


CVHodl himself provided some tips on his site at cvhodl.com/securebitcoin.


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